Crystal Holcombe & Children: A Tribute to the Texas Shooting Victims

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Facebook The Holcombe family. Crystal Holcombe and three of her children were killed in the shooting. The other two children were wounded, and her husband, John Holcombe, survived.

A pregnant woman and at least three of her five children are among the 26 victims of Sunday’s mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Crystal Holcombe, 36, along with her children, Megan, Emily and Greg, and her in-laws, Bryan and Karla Holcombe, were murdered by madman Devin Kelley when he opened fire on a crowd of parishioners attending service. Two of the woman’s children are in critical condition, including a 3-year-old boy who was shot, her cousin Nick Uhlig told San Antonio Express-News. Crystal was eight months pregnant.

On Halloween, just days before the horrifying tragedy would take place, Crystal shared a post from the church celebrating “Fall Festival 2017.” The mother’s Facebook page is filled with photos that show a woman whose life revolved around that of her family and friends.

She spoke about saying goodbye to “Grandpa” on November 1, and shared the photo above with the following caption:

My favorite picture of Grandpa… always having fun with the grandkids.

Tomorrow we will go to say goodbye to one of the greatest men I’ve ever known. He led a remarkable life and loved his family. Will forever cherish times spent to hear the stories of his

youth, and just to sit and enjoy the moment. RIP Grandpa Joseph Uhlig ❤

Loved ones, along with strangers, flocked to the family’s Facebook pages, offering support, prayers and condolences.

“Sunday School lesson is about Manna from Heaven – found in Exodus 16,” Crystal’s husband, John Holcombe, posted to Facebook Saturday night.

“John, I am heartbroken for your loss. I have no words, but I’m praying for you and your family!,” Camille Ingram replied.

“John I am so sad to hear what has happened at church this morning,” Jack E. Mason responded. “I offer my thoughts and prayers for the Sutherland Spring First Baptist Church.”

Judy Whitley stated:

John, we are praying that God will wrap His arms around you and give you “a peace that passes all understanding.” There are simply no words to tell you how heartbroken we are for you and your family. May God’s love and the love of everyone who knows you give you comfort.

“Keep the Holcombe family in your prayers,” Hank Summers posted to Crystal’s timeline. “I do not know your family but I am lifting you all up in prayer,” Kimberly Mair responded.

Others posted in desperation before news that Crystal and the three children had perished, asking for prayers. Bobbi Lynn Holland wrote:

If anyone hears from Crystal Holcombe and/or John Holcombe please let me know if they are okay!! Need to know that my nieces and nephews, sister, and brother-in-law are okay. Please keep them and their friends and family in your prayers



K..Manikandan Moses baby, Erode., Tamil Nadu., India

This man who shot ,,the innocent lives seems to be the same church member .
His beautiful wife also belongs to the same church. ,,
It seems he had a fight with his wife .,,,
It seems his mother in law was there at the time of shooting,,,
His anger over his wife’s divorce or something like that,,,
He committed this brutal attack,,,,
A pastor of a church ,, however big or small it is ,,,,
A pastor ,,Must visit the families…,,
A Pastor,, Must go and pray for his church members,,,
It seems some mystery about a unidentified person,,,
Enemies keep some ,, mystery ,,like this ,,when they planned to scare us,,,,
But no one can scare a God’s child,,,
This man and the men behind him must give account to God ,,
There is no super power in the world than God ,,
All this world is in wickedness,,,,
The world can’t teach a Christian or church,,,
The world must give account to God for just passing by the church,,,,(I mean if any conspiracy behind this incident to threaten our faith upon JESUS or solidarity or our CHRISTIAN living in the world)
God give courage to all who lost their loved ones.
God will put an end to this stupidity very soon.
No body can shake the base laid by apostles of Jesus to which JESUS our lord himself is a cornerstone.
One can shake the building..,,,
Not basement..,,
JESUS loves every body in this church.
God bless you.
Thank God for John mayor ,,
God given this young man to our CHRISTIAN society.
He is a great comfort to all of us ..,,
Even to me far away,,.
God bless.


When I look at the Holcombe family photo, and that little darling in the middle being held by mom, I’m reminded of the actor David Bennent, and his magical role, in Legend! And I’m thinking… this darling would be a magical contribution to my pipedream of the greatest movie ever made… as one of my little patients being cared for by Anna Faris or Susan Sarandon, and others! Bye bye sweethearts! I can’t wait to give you my hugs and kisses!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!