GloveStix on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Inserts that Keep Sports Accessories Smelling Fresh

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Glovestix Intro CommercialEver drive carpool for your kids sports? You will be sure to relate to our new GloveStix intro commercial. Let us help solve the stink with Glovestix. Stix in…Stink out!2015-07-30T15:25:08.000Z

GloveStix entered the Shark Tank with their inserts that eliminate odor, moisture and bacteria growth from athletic shoes and gloves.

We interviewed founder Krista Woods, who, when asked how the idea for the company came about, replied, “My son stunk! He is an athlete and I had tried everything for years to get the funk out of his gear and nothing ever worked. I had enough and decided to invent something myself.”

After she conducted six months worth of research, her husband made the first prototype in their garage and their lacrosse-playing son tested it out. Before even showing up for Shark Tank’s casting call in New York City this summer, where we interviewed her the first time, she had already won The Today Show’s Next Big Thing competition.

To date, she’s sold 25,000 units and 15,000 refills on outlets like Amazon, their website, QVC, mom-and-shops and retailers like Pure Hockey and Universal Lacrosse.

Here’s what else she told us about…

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Her Experience on QVC

Glovestix Odor & Moisture Reducing Inserts w/ 4 Refills on QVCFor More Information or to Buy: This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.2017-04-15T18:59:27.000Z

QVC is a whole different world. Its much harder than it looks, although I feel like I say that about everything I have done lately. I am not camera shy at all but man, listening to someone talk to you in an earpiece, while talking to the host, and also talking to a camera pretending it’s another person, is a lot to handle all at the same time. The first time, my head was spinning. I have the utmost respect for all of those hosts. I have been on four times in total and although it gets easier each time, I do know why hosts typically go through months of training. Originally, I think I had three hours. 

Her Advice to ‘Tank’ Contestants- ‘The Sharks All Talk at the Same Time’

Out of all the advice I got or read, the one thing I wasn’t prepared for was that the Sharks all talk at the same time and sometimes it’s to you, sometimes it’s about you, but mostly it’s at you. My advice would be when you’re practicing, have a bunch of people yell at you at the same time and then try to defend yourself while answering their questions and see how it goes!

How Her Family Pitches in to Help

Why Glovestix get the stink out!Why we started Glovestix and how the stink sticks get the stink out of your athletic gloves, shoes, boots, skates and more!2016-04-10T19:59:31.000Z

My husband is my rock and my go-to at all times. He keeps me sane and I like to describe him as the calm in the midst of chaos. He works events with me on the weekends and even though he works 60 hours a week at his job Monday through Friday, on the weekends, he is all about helping me grow this business…My kids are my packers, shippers and errand runners. They even work events with us on the weekends at times. The best part is even their friends help. I have more volunteer helpers than any business out there and I pay them all with food and laughter. I am not sure why they keep coming back to help, but they do! 

Future Plans- Including a Reality Show

I am working on some really cool stuff! I have been taping a reality show, came out with my second product in June and have ideas for others. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we just say yes to ourselves. It’s unbelievable how many doors have been opened because I took a risk and started a company. Has it been easy? Not even for a second. There are lots of sweat and tears in my story, but it has led me down a path of accomplishment that I never knew existed and I hope to share that with others. Life is short; we not only have to live, we have to go after it, despite the fear of failure. 

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