Which Sam’s Clubs are Closing? List of Stores Across the Country


Walmart is closing hundreds of Sam’s Clubs, and many were closed today without any notice. Many employees had no idea their stores were being closed, and only found out when they showed up for work and saw that the stores were shut down, or attended a last-minute meeting this morning letting them know. So far, as of the time of publication, Walmart has not released an official list of which stores are closing. Walmart told Business Insider that 63 locations were going to be closed. However, other sources are indicating that possibly more stores than that will ultimately be closing. Jessica Buckner, an audit team lead with Sam’s in Anchorage, said that she had heard more than 260 stores might be closed, CBS News reported. (But Sam’s Club is reiterating on Twitter that it is a total of 53 closing, plus 10 being converted into fulfillment centers.) Sam’s Club said about the closings on Twitter: “After a thorough review of our existing portfolio, we’ve decided to close a series of clubs and better align our locations with our strategy. Closing clubs is never easy and we’re committed to working with impacted members and associates through this transition.”

If you’re looking to get the cash rewards you’re still owed on your membership, even though your club closed, or if you’re wanting to get a refund on what’s left of your Sam’s Club membership because you no longer have a store to visit, Sam’s Club has said that members can private message them on Twitter for details. To just cancel your membership, here’s a direct link. Pharmacies will stay open for at least two weeks, Sam’s Club said on Twitter, to help customers through the transition. If you placed an order and your store is no longer open, a member of the management team will be contacting you, Sam’s Club on Twitter noted.

Below is a list of stores that have been listed as closed by media sources or on social media so far. Many of the stores were closed today for markdowns, will reopen on Friday, and then permanently close no later than Jan. 26. Other stores that aren’t closed today might still ultimately be closed over the next few weeks. This list is likely not exhaustive. If your store’s not listed, you can still check Sam’s Club’s Club Finder to see if your club is still listed on the website. Sam’s Club has said on Twitter that if it is, then the store is still open (at least at this time.) Here is what we know so far about closed Sam’s Club stores, in alphabetical order by state. If you know of a Sam’s Club store that is closed and isn’t listed, please let us know in the comments below.



Jessica Buckner, an audit team lead for Sam’s in Anchorage, has said that all Sam’s Club stores in Alaska are closing down.


  • Casa Grande: 2425 E. Florence Blvd. (According to Business Insider)
  • Chandler: 1375 S. Arizona Ave.
  • Prescott Valley: 5757 E. State Route 69
  • Scottsdale: 15255 N. Northsight Blvd.


  • City of Industry: 17835 Gale Ave. (According to Business Insider)
  • Sacramento: 3360 El Camino Ave.
  • Stanton: 12540 Beach Blvd.
  • Sylmar: 12920 Foothill Blvd.


  • Manchester: 69 Pavilions Dr. (According to Business Insider)
  • Orange: 2 Boston Post Rd.


  • Fern Park: 355 FL-436 (According to Business Insider)
  • Tampa: 5135 S. Dale Mbry Hwy
  • Lantana: An alert reader left a comment letting us know that a store Lantana is shutting down at 7233 N. Seacrest Blvd. This has been confirmed by the Palm Beach Post. The store will close at the end of the month, on January 26. Hourly employees will be terminated on March 16, and management will be terminated on April 13. Employees found out via a memo on Thursday. The store is closed today and will reopen Friday until it is finally closed for good.


  • Lithonia: 2994 Turner Hill Rd. (According to 11 Alive.) A security guard in front of the store told people the store was closed, and a sign simply read: “We regret any inconvenience.” Hourly employees will continue to receive compensation for 60 days while they look for other jobs, and they’ll receive severance if they haven’t found a new job within that time period.

The mayor of Stonecrest said the community is outraged by the news. “How does a corporation close a store in a city that’s doing very well and they don’t even let employees know about it?”


Five of the 19 stores in Illinois will be closing, according to Patch.com. But Business Insider listed more than five. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Romeoville on 460 S. Weber Road: Closing despite year-after-year sales growth since opening in 2013. They were not notified until Thursday. It will reopen on Friday and then close permanently on Jan. 26.
  • Naperville: Closed today but reopening temporarily on Friday. 808 S. Illinois Rte 59
  • Batavia: 501 N. Randall Rd (One customer reported that the bakery has stopped production here. They put in an order for a cake that was to be picked up this weekend and had to find a replacement.)
  • Matteson: 21430 S. Cicero Ave.
  • Moline: 6600 44th Ave. This will affect more than 150 employees who are expected to be laid off.
  • Streamwood: 900 S. Barrington Rd. (According to Business Insider)
  • Wheeling: 1055 McHenry Rd. (According to Business Insider)


  • Goshen: 4024 Elkhard Rd. #1 (Will be closed to the public on January 26. Hourly employees will be terminated by March 16, and management employees by April 13. A total of 110 employees will be impacted.)
  • Indianapolis: 10859 E. Washington St.
  • Indianapolis: 3015 W. 86th. St. (Expected to close on January 26. All hourly employees will be laid off on March 16, 2018, and management employees will lose their jobs on April 13, 2018.)


Some stores in Louisiana are closing, according to CBS.




  • Farmington Hills: 32625 Northwestern Hwy. This store employed 158 workers. The assistant city manager told Patch that they weren’t surprised, because the revenues at the store were down and they had pulled plans for a fueling station in the fall. (Note: This story incorrectly stated earlier that this store was in Minnesota.)
  • Lansing: 340 E. Edgewood Boulevard (According to Business Insider). Other sources are saying the pharmacy is open for a couple more weeks. This will impact 172 employees.

The Sam’s Club in Eastwood Towne Center is not affected by the planned closings, WLNS reported.


  • Moorhead: 2800 27th Ave.
  • St. Louis Park: 3745 Louisiana Ave.

New Hampshire

  • Budd Lake: 81 International Dr. S
  • Seabrook: 11 Batchelder Rd. (per Business Insider)

New Jersey

  • Budd Lake: 81 International Dr. S (According to Business Insider)
  • Linden: Closed
  • Mount Olive: The store did not open its doors on Thursday, without any warning. The pharmacy will be open through January 27. Employees were informed during a 9 a.m. meeting on Thursday, which they were only told to attend on Wednesday night. The employees may be transferred to other Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in the area.
  • Princeton: 301 Nassau Park Blvd.

New York

Some stores in New York are closing, according to CBS. These include:

  • Jamestown: 720 Fairmount Ave (According to Business Insider)
  • Syracuse location at 2649 Erie Boulevard East. It was closed Thursday but will temporarily reopen on Friday before permanently closing on Jan. 26. It’s closed today for markdowns.
  • Rochester: Henrietta Town Supervisor Stephen Schultz said that Rochester’s two Sam’s Clubs, in Henrietta and Greece, would be permanently closed later this month. 700 Elmridge Center Dr. and 1600 Marketplace Dr.
  • West Ellicot: A store near Chatauqua will close on Jan. 16, per WRFA.

North Carolina

  • Lumberton: 5085 Dawn Dr. (per Business Insider)
  • Morrisville: 1101 Shiloh Glenn Dr.


  • Cincinnati Oakley store: 4825 Marburg Ave.
  • Loveland: 9570 Fields Ertel Rd.

The pharmacies at both these locations will remain open through Jan. 26, WCPO reported. Employees said they had no notice this was happening. One employee told WCPO: “Came as a shock that we all just received the news via FedEx. I worked so hard last night and for what? To get a letter via FedEx that we were no longer employed.”


Some stores in Tennessee are closing, according to CBS.

  • Memphis: 1805 Getwell Rd. This location is being converted into an e-commerce fulfillment facility, with the change completed before the end of the spring. The store closed today, but the pharmacy will stay open until January 26. Anne Hatfield, Walmart Communications Director, told Biz Journals:  “Retail is evolving. There’s a huge change in all of retail. At Sam’s Club, our e-commerce business has grown dramatically in the past year — to the point where we need to build more fulfillment centers… The club is close to a FedEx field, so it’s an ideal location”
  • Nashville: 615 Old Hickory Blvd.


Houston: At least three stores closing. Employees at one of the Houston locations said that even the general manager didn’t know until yesterday.

  • 13331 Westheimer Road at Eldridge Parkway
  • 2296 Marketplace Drive in New Caney
  • S Loop Store at Fannin Street


Richmond: 4571 S. Laburnum Ave. (per Business Insider)



  • West Allis: 1540 S. 108th St. It’s closed today and will reopen at 10 a.m. on Friday, January 12, and stay open for at least five days before closing permanently. Merchandise will be marked down.
  • Madison: 7050 Watts Rd. Local residents say this store will have 25 percent off starting tomorrow, and 75 percent off everything soon. An employee said everyone was getting some form of severance pay here.
  • Seattle: 13550 Aurora Ave. N

The manager of a Sam’s Club in Wisconsin confirmed with the Journal Sentinel that the two stores above are the only ones closing in Wisconsin. The Waukesha Sam’s Club, which was originally reported as closing, is actually going to stay open.

This is a developing story and this list will be updated as more information is available. If you know of other stores that are closing, please let us know in the comments below.