Valerie Ann Lozano Posts Graphic Photos of Bullied Son in San Antonio

valerie ann lozano

Facebook/Valerie Ann Lozano Valerie Ann Lozano's photo of her son.

Valerie Ann Lozano, a San Antonio,Texas mother, posted graphic photos of her bloodied, beaten son as part of an effort to raise attention to the problem of bullying. She urged people to make the pictures go viral and now they have, sparking news attention throughout the country. Be forewarned that the photos of Lozano’s son are disturbing.

The mother alleged on Facebook:

Thursday my son was being bullied at school during P.E he told the coach that the other student wanted to fight him all the coach said don’t worry I got you The Principal my son and I had a meeting the next morning the Coach was called up to the front office for the meeting and said he would be there and he never showed up I want something to be done about this because the coach knew my son was going to be in a fight he never did anything about it this is not right I also keep on calling Southwest ISD District to speak to them about what happen and what is going to be done about this and they never return my phone calls feel free to share I want this to go viral so something can be done plz share this post this was at Resnik middle school.

Here’s the second photo posted by the mother on social media:

valerie lozano, valerie ann lozano

The photo that Valerie Ann Lozano posted on Facebook.

Here’s a fuller view of the first picture:

valerie lozano

Photo posted by Valerie Ann Lozano.

The photos that Lozano posted have been shared almost 250,000 times on Facebook. Southwest ISD school district officials released a statement to KSAT-TV. It reads:

We want to ensure our school community that we take these types of matters very seriously and this continues to be on ongoing investigation. This is what we have confirmed so far.

On Thursday, January 25, 2018 we had two students that were involved in an altercation in the bus loading area of Resnik Middle School. The altercation lasted about six seconds and was immediately intervened by one of our SWISD officers and a teacher.

Both students received minor injuries, one was punched in the nose the other student was punched in the eye. Both received immediate medical treatment.

Prior to Thursday, there had not been any incidents reported concerning either students. However this is an ongoing investigation and appropriate administrative action will be taken as needed.
Due to FERPA, we cannot disclose disciplinary actions taken against the students, but we can say both parties did comply with the officer’s directives.

The campus administration met with all parties, along with the campus Restorative Interventionist. The campus states that the coaches presence was never requested.

Southwest ISD and the Resnik campus staff will be communicating with our students, parents, and staff regarding student safety and decision making.”

Lozano told the television station that her son has disabilities and was traumatized by the incident.

She later wrote on Facebook, “If you call possible having a broken nose and having Trouble breathing not wanting to eat or sleep having depression fearing for his life waking up in the middle of the night Screaming and scared MINOR.. THIS IS NOTHING MINOR.”