Bernie Sanders Town Hall: Live Stream, Time, & How to Watch Online

Inequality in America: A National Town HallWe live in the richest country in the history of the world, but that reality means little because much of that wealth is controlled by a tiny handful of individuals while more than 40 million Americans live in poverty. The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it…2018-03-20T00:44:43.000Z

Bernie Sanders is hosting another town hall tonight, March 19, after the last one in January was such a resounding success with 1.6 million live viewers. Tonight’s town hall is called “Inequality in America: The Rise of Oligarchy and Collapse of the Middle Class.” The town hall will feature Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, filmmaker Michael Moore, and Darrick Hamilton, an economics and urban policy professor. Sander’s town hall will begin at 7 p.m. Eastern and will last until 8:30 p.m. The video above will begin to show the live stream as soon as it starts if you hit play.  The panel discussion will take place in the U.S. Capitol in front of a live audience.

How can you watch the live stream? You can simply watch the live stream above at 7 p.m. Eastern. You can also watch the live stream on Bernie Sanders’ Facebook Page, Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook page, Michael Moore’s page, The Guardian, NowThis, Buzzfeed,, TeleSUR English, and The Young Turks. Each of the pages should have a livestream that begins on their page automatically. If you follow any of these pages and are logged into Facebook, the livestream video should send a popup notification to you as soon as it goes live. But the easiest way is to just watch the one above.

Guests at the panel will include Catherine Coleman Flowers (founder of Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise Community Development Corp.), Gordon Lafor (labor policy expert), and Cindy Estrada (vice president of the United Auto Workers labor union.) Here’s a video about tonight’s town hall:

“The goal is twofold: No. 1 is to have a serious discussion on one of the most important issues facing our country, and that is who owns America, who has the power, why the middle class is declining. We’re going to talk about extreme poverty in America. Then we’re going to be talking about where we go from here. How do we create an economy that works for everybody and not just the 1 percent?,” Sanders told HuffPost about the panel.

If you are wanting to attend the town hall in person, you need to RSVP on Facebook here. Enter the Capitol Visitors’ Center Congressional Auditorium using the main CVC entrance at First Street and East Capitol Street Northeast. Seating is first-come, first-served (so although you’re being asked to RSVP on Facebook, that RSVP is not reserving a seat for you.) Don’t bring any posters, signs, food, drink, or large bags.

Sanders is moving away from corporate media and traditional TV broadcasters and focusing more now on independent sources to get his message across. He told The Nation that the issue with corporate media isn’t fake news, like President Donald Trump says, but what corporate media focuses on. “The problem is that, to a very significant degree, corporate media ignores, or pays very little attention, to the most important issues facing working people. That is the problem with corporate media today. If you look at just the issue I described to you – the movement in this country toward oligarchy – you will find very, very little discussion about that. Stormy Daniels will get ten times more print and video coverage than will the movement toward oligarchy in this country. You will see very little discussion about poverty in this country. ‘Poverty’ is just not a word that is used on television very often.”

With the last town hall such a huge success, drawing in more than 1 million live viewers, it’s likely that Bernie Sanders will continue to host more in the future.