Sean Haddon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sean Haddon, of Crosby, Texas, was arrested April 15 after authorities at the University of Texas in Houston said he threatened to blow up the police department and to shoot “at least 200 people” at the university.

“At 9 a.m. on Sunday, April 15, UTPD officers including detectives from the Threat Mitigation Unit, K-9 Bomb Detection Unit and Counter Assault Strike Team executed a warrant at a residence in Crosby, Texas,” a press release stated. “With assistance from Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Harris County Constable Precinct 3, they arrested Sean Evan Haddon DOB: 3/25/1995. Haddon was booked into the Harris County Jail on the 3rd degree felony offense of Terroristic Threat.”

Haddon, 23, allegedly demanded bitcoin payments and asked 911 dispatchers to perform sexual acts while calling in the threats.

The suspect’s social media accounts portrayed a man who suffered with immense anxiety and feelings of being “alienated.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. On April 7, Authorities Say Haddon Made a Threat to Blow Up the Police Department if His Demand of Receiving Bitcoin & Sexual Acts by a Dispatcher Were Not Met

Authorities at the University of Texas say Haddon’s threatening phone calls began April 7 with a bomb threat to the campus police headquarters in Austin. The suspect allegedly demanded a payment in bitcoin currency and told a 911 dispatcher to participate in sex acts, and said if the demands weren’t met he would “blow up the building.” The press release states, in part:

On April 7, a call came into the UTPD 9-1-1 Communications Center from a person stating they put a pipe bomb in the lobby of the police department. The caller demanded a payment in bitcoin and the dispatcher’s participation in sexual acts or he would blow up the building. The call was disconnected. Minutes later another call came in from what sounded like the previous caller. The person once again threatened to blow up the building. The caller told a UTPD officer to evacuate.

UTPD used bomb detection K-9s to conduct a search of the lobby and the exterior of the building. Additionally, officers reviewed security camera footage for evidence of a person placing an explosive device. No suspicious activity or device was found.

2. 5 Days Later, He Allegedly Threatened to Shoot a Dispatcher, Who Police Say He Also Told to Perform Sexual Acts

Sean Haddon Texas Facebook

FacebookSean Haddon.

On April 12, the University of Texas Police Department said they once again received a 911 call from the suspect, this time threatening to shoot the dispatcher.

“The UTPD 9-1-1 Communication Center again received a call from the same person,” police stated. “During this conversation the caller said he was going to shoot the dispatcher and told the dispatcher to perform sexually explicit acts.”

3. Police Say He Also Called the University of Texas & Threatened to Shoot ‘At Least 200 People’

In addition to making threats against 911 dispatchers and the college police department, Haddon allegedly threatened to shoot “at least 200 people” at the university. The press release states:

On April 13, the UTPD 9-1-1 Communication Center received a call from The University of Texas at Austin Human Resource Service Center. A supervisor reported being on the phone with a male who said he wanted to shoot up the university, ‘at least 200 people.’ While officers were en route to the UT HR Service Center, the male said he would shoot the first person he sees. A UTPD officer took over the call at which time the anonymous caller said he would “kill the first person he sees.” That officer personally listened to the most recent threatening call on 4/12 and was certain it was the same person.

4. He Is Charged With a 3rd Degree Felony Offense of Making a Terroristic Threat & Is Being Held at Harris County Jail

Authorities were able to quickly track down Haddon through phone and internet technology.

“Based on the exigency of the threat of violence, investigators immediately contacted phone and internet service providers,” police stated. “They determined the phone from which the calls originated belonged to Sean Evan Haddon of Crosby, TX. Detectives quickly developed information verifying the suspect was not in the Austin area. In each case, police investigated immediately and thoroughly and determined there was no active threat that would have prompted a campus wide communications.”

Haddon was booked into the Harris County Jail on a 3rd degree felony offense of making a Terroristic Threat, according to police.

5. He Spoke of Intense Anxiety & Feeling ‘Alienated’ Via Facebook

Sean Haddon Crosby Texas Facebook

FacebookA screenshot from one of two Facebook accounts held by Haddon.

Years earlier, Haddon posted several troublesome posts to his Facebook account that could be viewed as potential “red flags” into the suspect’s future behavior.

“I would jump off a building to get rid of this feelings, though I am afraid of heights,” Haddon wrote on Facebook April 7, 2011. “I would strap myself to a post, though I fear immobility… I would strike up a conversation with people I had never met in my life, despite intense social anxiety. I would tear my flesh clean off the bone if it should just banish this gut-wrenching, terrifying, nauseating, horrid, feeling…”

On the same day, Haddon posted the following:

I just feel so… Alienated… Like I don’t belong in my own body… Like I’m not who I think I am… Nomally I would want my friends to put their arms around me and try to help me out of my hole… But… I don’t even want the help now… I just want to sleep. I want to sleep until this feeling goes away…

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