Natacha Van Honacker, Eden Hazard’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eden Hazard

Facebook Eden Hazard with wife Natacha Hazard

Natacha Van Honacker, otherwise known as Natacha Hazard, is the wife of Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard. Somewhat shy and reserved to staying out of the spotlight, Honacker and Hazard met when they were teens and have three children together.

Honacker is a notoriously private person, and the couple go to great lengths to keep their family life out of the public view. However, they occasionally give a glimpse into their lives off the soccer pitch, admitting Honacker’s love of cooking interesting pizza and playing chess.

Here’s what you need to know about Hazards wife, Natacha Van Honaker:

1. Honacker & Hazard Have Been Together Since They Were 14-Years-Old & Both Played Soccer

Honacker and Hazard both grew up in Belgium and met when they were just 14-years-old. According to Wags Related, Honacker was also an avid soccer player in school, and loved to play chess and read. Hazard’s wife also enjoys the sport badminton and loves traveling, which she gets to do plenty of being married to Chelsea’s highest paid player. Her favorite place to visit is New York.

Wags Football also states that Honacker enjoys cooking, and “loves making pizzas with surprising ingredients.”

Honacker is often described as an introvert, shying away from the public spotlight as often as possible. Although she is a very private person, she is often seen with their children supporting Hazard at his soccer games.

2. Honacker is a Very Private Person Who Mainly Stays Out of the Spotlight

The couple had a private wedding in April, 2012, two years after their first son was born. Although it’s not completely clear where Honacker grew up, or her exact date of birth, the couple met and grew up in Belgium together, and had their first child when Hazard was 19.

According to Wags Football, Hazard confessed that his wife’s opinion is very important in defining his career, stating that, if Honacker is on board, he would be open to leaving Chelsea for France’s Paris Saint Germain.

Hazard told Wags Football that he is trying to be the best soccer player he can be, and wants to be a role model for children. He says that Zinédine Zidane was his role model, and he “hope[s] to be inspiring children in Belgium and the rest of the world. That way I learned the most as a little boy – I watched video tapes of Zidane and other players to learn things.”

3. She is a Full-Time Mother Who Is Often Seen Cheering Hazard On During His Soccer Games

Honacker is a full-time mother to their three children and is often seen at soccer games cheering Hazard on. According to Wags Related, “Natacha’s life has always revolved around Eden, and it still is to this day. Despite her responsibilities, Natacha makes time to go on outings with her husband and children.”

Her Facebook page is filled with posts of her publicly cheering Hazard on, and rooting for Chelsea during games. One post from 2014 states “I think Chelsea will win the championship this year,” while other posts involve her cheering on Chelsea and congratulating her husband and his teammates.

4. Honacker & Hazard Were Inseparable from the Moment They Met & Moved In Together After Graduation

Wags Related reports that Honacker and Hazard were inseparable from the moment they met when they were teens. “From that moment, Natacha met, and knew love; its name was Eden; they were inseparable.”

Honacker supported Hazard’s rise to soccer fame, and once the 18-year-old Honacker graduated, she moved in with Hazard to be by his side while he trained for the WAG soccer league. Wags Related reports that “Natacha knew that she was with the man that she was going to marry” from the moment they met.

Wags Related also reports that Honacker “never felt so close to Eden [Hazard] than living with him.”

5. Hazard & Honacker Have Three Children – Yannis, Leo & Samy

The couple had their first child before getting married in 2012, welcoming their son, Yannis Hazard on December 19, 2010, according to Football Drug.

Three years later, Honacker gave birth to their second child, Leo Hazard, who was born in February 2013. Their third child, Samy Hazard, came two short years later in September 2015.

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