Nathan D. Larson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nathan D Larson

Nathan D Larson For Congress Nathan D Larson

When threatening to kill the president of the United States and serving federal prison time for it is the least of his “abhorrent,” and “vile,” actions and opinions, it might be a tough road to a seat in Congress for accountant and admitted pedophile Nathan D. Larson.

Or maybe not. Larson claims in a Huffington Post profile that, “A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it. People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

Here’s what you need to know about Nathan D. Larson:

1. Larson is an Independent ‘Neo-Reactionary Libertarian’ Candidate With a Shocking History, Resume & Manifesto

Presidential Threat Lands Man in Cage, But Where's Victim?Nathan Larson plead guilty to threatening the life of the president. He's now caged in Petersburg Federal Prison. As Nathan asks: who was the victim? Doesn't he have the right to warn an aggressor of his intention to use defensive force? Write Nathan: Nathan Larson, 36054-013 FCI Petersburg Medium Federal Correctional Institution P.O. Box 1000…2011-08-23T16:18:22Z

Larson is seeking election to Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District which includes all of Frederick, Loudon and Clarke counties and portions of Fairfax and Prince William counties and sections of Manassas. It’s a majority white, upper middle class district that since the 1950s has nearly always elected Republicans to Congress, including Frank Wolf who held the seat from 1981 to 2015, but in 2008 voted to elect Democrat Barack Obama and in 2016, by a 10 percent margin, voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In a capture of his ‘manifesto,’ Larson, a self-described “quasi-neo-reactionary libertarian,” says his agenda includes stopping the war on drugs, protecting gun ownership rights, putting an end to American involvement in any foreign wars that protect ally Israel, will “restore benevolent white supremacy” and the patriarchy, will close borders, and promises “rights” that include the right to discriminate and the right to commit suicide.

In 2009, Larson was convicted of threatening to kill Obama and served more than a year in federal prison. Normally, someone with a criminal history that included such a felony wouldn’t be allowed to seek office, but in 2016, then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe restored rights to ex-felons. Larson got a pass.

But it’s his actions and views on social and cultural extremism marked by zealous misogyny, racism, and stunning admissions that he’s a pedophile, rapist and that he not only condones both practices but advocates for, in his campaign ‘manifesto’ that are raising alarms.

2. Larson, an Admitted Pedophile, Advocates For Child Pornography, Incest & Wrote About Raping His Very Young Daughter

“I am for legalization of child pornography possession and distribution, because important truths about the human condition, and human sexuality in particular, might be revealed in this art form,” he writes in his ‘Nathan Larson for Congress campaign manifesto.’

Larson cites a study that concluded “89.9 percent of those convicted of child pornography possession are white, so it does seem like these laws are being used to target white America for persecution.”

Larson supports “legalizing early marriage …(s)ince young women begin to enter their years of peak beauty and fertility before age 18…”

nathan d larson


HuffPo interviewed Larson posted on forums like (which stands for ‘suicidal pedophile’). Many posts attributed to Larson have since been removed. In the preserved screenshot below of a disturbing and graphic post, he uses the alias Lysander.

“I just want to bang my daughter, actually, but even if it were legal, I’m not sure it would happen, since I don’t have custody. After sex with kids is legalized, parents parentheses or other guardians parentheses will still be gate keepers to some extent, and a lot of them will want to bang their own kids and not share with others. I think that to get with girls, whether they’re young or old, you’ll usually need to have charm and Dor money. That’s especially true if you trying to get with the more attractive girls. One sex with kids is legalized, I imagine the competition to get in their pants will be fierce.”

Nathan D Larson

TwitterNathan Larson in 2015 news story

It was reported that just before the Huffington Post story was published, and after reporters had spoken to Larson and had already obtained website and forum details, screenshots and captures, Larson using an alias identified himself on Incelapocalypse, an abominable and monstrous forum for pedophile incels and rapists looking to ‘The Day We Make Jailbait Our Sex Slaves,’ as a “hebephilic rapist” and not the average incel since he’s had sex by raping his former spouse. was successful in getting the forum removed from the internet.

3. Larson Raped His Former Wife, Who Later Killed Herself, Believes Rape Should be Legal & is an Avowed Misogynist Demanding a White Patriarchy

Nathan Larson

Nathan D.Larson for CongressNathan Larson

Larson blames everything wrong in society on women and feminism. Mass shootings for example especially ones in schools: “Guns don’t kill people — feminists do. The way to prevent school shootings is to reinstitute patriarchal rule in American families …” he says.

Larson says: “All feminism will do is change the order in the socio-sexual hierarchy to place women above betas. Alphas will remain at the top and gammas (aka cucks) and omegas (aka incels) will remain at the bottom,” he says. Larson also says “physical discipline of wives shouldn’t even be a crime anyway.”

“We have to keep in mind that the nature of relations between the sexes are that men and women can never have a truly equal partnership. One will have to be dominant and the other submissive,” he says. “We need to get back to the wholesome American traditions of motherhood and apple pie if we want to restore harmony to relations between the sexes. Production of children and home baked goods has been way down ever since women were told they should aspire for success according to the standards by which men are measured, rather than doing what would play more to their strengths. That needs to change.”

Larson ‘s campaign manifesto reads that the “purpose of women, in a patriarchal society, is to be reliable conformists to what is expected of them, and to be judged primarily based on their beauty and cooperativeness …” He says the only way to “fight back against the feminists, to subjugate women and force them into submission.” In other words, rape.

Larson himself has admitted he raped his ex-wife, HuffPo reports.

The Washington Post reported in March of 2017 that after serving his prison sentence for threatening to kill the president, he moved back to Virginia and his then-wife obtained a restraining order against him. Pregnant with Larson’s child, after the baby was born, she committed suicide. The child, a daughter, is being raised by family in another state and Larson has no access to her, the Post reported.

Larson thinks there should be no “domestic violence restraining orders issued” on men since they are, he says, are sued to obtain divorces, are a means of harassment and inexplicably he says, “…anyway; if women actually were as ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ as feminists claim, they would be able to just ignore men who try to bother them, rather than relying on the state to keep those men away.”

4. Larson Supports Limitless Gun Rights & Blames Women & Feminism For Shootings Committed by White Males

Nathan Larson

GettyM14 automatic rifles.

Staying with his theme about white males as innocent victims, Larson says banning men with domestic violence restraining orders is a “provision needs to be abolished, since it treats men who have not even been convicted of a crime as though they were criminals.”

He says “all guns including the M14 machine gun should be legalized for manufacture, distribution, and possession by private citizens and businesses, and subject to no more regulations than are applied to other potentially dangerous tools, such as buzzsaws or bottles of muriatic acid,” he writes.

“In other words, the fact that you can walk into a gun show and walk out with a gun 10 minutes later without having to go through a background check should be considered a feature, not a bug,” he writes. “The black thugs who want to shoot up urban neighborhoods with high-powered assault rifles are usually not going to show up to a gun show anyway, because those events are typically crawling with cops who might recognize them from wanted posters.”

Larson has supporters, like this one on Reddit. And there are Reddit communities that said as early as 2017 that Larson was a likely candidate.

Larson blames women and feminism for school shootings, arguing the issue is not automatic weapons.

“In many marriages, the husband and wife bicker constantly because he lacks the power to use his pimp hand to put her in her place. If they don’t fight, it’s often because the husband has given in to her domineering ways and retreated back to his man cave to disengage from the conflict,” he writes in his manifesto.

“Since the modern career woman has her own money, and ample opportunities to cheat on her husband by claiming that she needs to stay late at work and then go to yoga class, she ends up eventually leaving him. Since growing up without a dad is stressful for boys, they end up going on psychiatric drugs that cause them to become actively suicidal and violently aggressive,” Larson’s campaign platform reads. “They then shoot up schools.”

5.Larson’s Manifesto Promotes ‘Benevolent’ White Supremacy, Adoration of Hitler & Says Jews Should Settle New Jersey as a Jewish State & Give up Israel

Nathan Larson

Reading through Larson’s manifesto is jaw-dropping and often, so atrocious and fanatical as to defy credulity.

His views on a “benevolent white supremacy” are an example, much of which he says in his platform he learned and fine-tuned while in prison.

For example, when he was convicted of threatening to kill Pres. Barack Obama, he said that while “every other human being, I am indeed racist, but I did not specifically threaten Obama, nor was my threat motivated by racism.”

An admitted and unapologetic repugnant racist, Larson says he does not “even consider Barack Obama the first black President. He is, rather, the first mulatto President, or the first oreo President. He was born to, and raised by, a white woman, Ann Dunham; his black father was absent during most of his upbringing. White America felt comfortable voting for him because he looked black enough that he would enable them to check the box of having elected a black President (and thereby assuage their white guilt by proving that they aren’t racist); yet he was white enough that he could be trusted not to do serious damage to the country.”

Obama Reacts To Death ThreatKDKA's Jon Delano spoke exclusively with Barack Obama about the foiled plot to assassinate the candidate by a group of skinheads in Tenn.2008-10-28T01:42:15Z

Larson’s extreme racist views are seen through his lens of white superiority.

“What will actually benefit blacks is if whites use their position of power to maintain and enhance the infrastructure that keeps society running and, more generally, build an advanced civilization that blacks can join us in reaping the benefits of,” his extremely racist writing proffer.

“Blacks, if given power, will not know what to do with it. If they were capable of running a first world country, then Africa would not be in the state it’s in, and Africans would not be climbing aboard inflatable boats to risk their lives trying to migrate across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe,” Larson, U.S. candidate for Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District says.

Larson heaps praise on “white supremacists heroes” Adolf Hitler whose barbarous history is well-documented and Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church who had dozens of wives, some already married, and as young as 14, the church itself admits.

Nathan Larson

German dictator Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945). (Photo by Heinrich Hoffmann/Getty Images)

And Larson has some shocking and controversial anti-Semitic views even by conservative, Christian and alt-right standards. Larson suggests white Americans “…view Jews as tending to have some negative personality characteristics, such as being deceitful, manipulative, traitorous, flaky, and neurotic.” He says the U.S. should not engage in any wars “arising out of our country’s alliance with Israel” and says that if there must be a Jewish state, New Jersey would be a good location.

“Perhaps we could just cede the Zionists the entirety of New Jersey for the establishment of a Jewish state on the North American continent. New Jersey is a shithole by American standards, but still represents an upgrade in living conditions compared to Palestine, so letting the Jews take that state off our hands would be a win-win” and a way of “keeping your enemies closer …(to) more easily keep an eye on what they’re up to if they’re nearby.”

Larson says this as a “good deal for all sides.”

“Palestinians would be freed from being cooped up in places like Gaza. Israelis would get some better territory, within convenient driving distance of a major economic and Jewish cultural hub, that isn’t mostly desert and arid land. The U.S. would save trillions of dollars currently devoted to waging various wars on Israel’s behalf, and probably would no longer get attacked by Arab terrorists in retribution for those wars,” he writes in his campaign manifesto.

Nathan Larson

GAZA BORDER, ISRAEL – NOVEMBER 23: An Israeli worker sets the electrified monitoring system on the boundary fence Israel is building November 23, 2005 along its border with the northern Gaza Strip. In his speech announcing his new political platform this week, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon reconfirmed his commitment to the Road Map to Middle East peace. Sharon also stated that in the wake of Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, it was now the Palestinians’ turn to prove their desire for peace. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Perhaps appropriately as a conclusion, Larson is pro-suicide rights but includes access to the means by which someone could “violently or peacefully” end their life.

“Many of the other issues I mention above also are relevant to suicide rights. Legalizing barbiturates, heavy machine guns, etc. makes available reliable and peaceful means of suicide for those who need them,” Larson believes.

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