Barbara Pilling: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Barbara Pilling told Panorama when she told Donald Trump her age, Trump replied, “Oh great, so you’re not too young and you’re not too old.” The BBC announced in a press release, via Yashar Ali, that, “There’s no evidence that Donald Trump had sex with underage girls… the program has been told he did pursue models in their teens.”

The documentary cites accounts from parties that Trump held during the 1980s and 1990s. Pilling says during the documentary, which airs in the U.S. on July 21 at 10:30 a.m. and July 22 at 4 p.m. on BBC America, that she was sent to a Trump party by a modeling agency she was working for. The documentary alleges that underage models were given alcohol and drugs at the parties. You can watch the full documentary, which aired in the U.K just before Trump’s visit to the country in July 2018, Is the President a Sex Pest?, above.

Pilling said that another model told her later in the bathroom that Trump had attempted to “grab [her] ass.”

Pilling added that she “felt like [she] was in the presence of a shark getting ready to roll his eyes back in his head and bite me, you know, that’s how I felt. It was just like get the hell out of here. I remember one of the waitresses offered him a drink. He didn’t take the drink and he slapped her on the bottom. She was a blonde. He gave her butt a slap and he was very loud. He was like, don’t worry that’s not your tip.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Pilling Has Set Up a Twitter Account Since the Documentary Aired

Barbara Pilling Photos Pictures

Facebook/Barbara Pilling

On her Twitter page, Pilling describes herself as a “Mother, activist, model, agent, writer.” The bio section shows that Pilling set up the account in July 2018. Pilling has retweeted messages from liberal politicians, Rep,. Joe Kennedy III and Senator Elizabeth Warren. On July 13, Pilling reiterated her Donald Trump allegations on a different BBC news program:

In response to a Twitter user who referred to Pilling as a “hooker” in a “garbage story” who “comes out 25 years later to say she was looked at by Trump, Pilling tweeted, “I wasn’t hired to go to a party get your facts straight! I was invited to an event! I spent maybe a half an hour there due to the fact Trump hit on me and when that happened I got the hell out of there! I was making very good money daily modeling.” That tweeted was “liked” by Heather Braden, another woman who is featured in the Panorama documentary. Braden is quoted in the film as saying when she attended a party with Trump in Miami in the 1980s she felt “like a piece of meat.”

2. Pilling Said That While She Was a Model She Had to Endure ‘Random Foreign Men Pulling Down Their Pants in Front of Her

Barbara Pilling Donald Trump

Facebook/Barbara Pilling

According to Pilling’s LinkedIn page, she is the owner and manager of Edge Models. Pilling says she has operated the company since 2008. Pilling told that she studied drama at New York University. Pilling was quoted in a Globe and Mail story on the exploitation of women in the modeling industry in Asia following the mysterious death of Canadian model Diana O’Brien, Plling said of foreign modeling, “So much of the business [abroad] is simple exploitation of girls. These girls should be going to university, not posing at conventions… One local agency here in Victoria charges $1,600 per test shoot and makes these poor girls pay for three separate tests. They take so much money from these girls up front that they’ll likely never make back.”

Barbara Pilling Facebook page

Facebook/Barbara Pilling

Pilling went on to tell the Globe and Mail that during her modeling career, she had to endure “random foreign men pulling down their pants in front of her.” In another instance, Pilling said a photographer drugged her drink and also spoke about other photographer “who made inappropriate advances.” Pilling told the newspaper, “It can be a real Gong Show for a model out there. If every parent knew what their child was getting into by modeling there’s no way they’d let them go.”

In a separate interview with Look Online, Pilling spoke about the industry saying, “There are still scuzzy agents and playboys and money made from illicit means. But very slowly, the glamour will come back. The desire is still there.” A March 2010 Toronto Star feature credit Pilling with discovering model Ali Carr.

3. Pilling Is No Longer Working as a Model

Barbara Pilling model

Facebook/Barbara Pilling

Pilling told that she is no longer working as a model. Pilling told us, “I myself had a very good career and was with elite NY. At times you had nasty and unfortunate things happens. On a whole it was an amazing Experience. I travel the world and worked with the best.”

In a Facebook post in August 2017, Pilling wrote, “This is me! I’m not a Guess model anymore. Nor am I young. However this is me unfiltered, all natural about to wash my face for bed. I don’t mind getting older. What is most important to me is how beautiful my soul and heart is evolving! That’s what makes us beautiful ladies. Love the skin your in and NEVER let anyone; man or female tell you that’s your less than beautiful, inside or out! If they do then they are not your people. Journey the hard roads of life with your tribe members. We choose our comrades!”

4. Pilling Began Modeling at 14 Years Old

Barbara Pilling

Facebook/Barbara Pilling

On Edge Models’ official website, Pilling is described as a beginning in the industry when she was 14 years old. The page reads that Pilling “knows the business and has the contacts to spring new faces into a lucrative and rewarding modeling career.” Pilling told the Globe and Mail that during the early years of her career, she “lodged at YMCAs.” Pilling also said that because of the costs of traveling, many young models are forced to turn down jobs.

5. An Unnamed Person in the Documentary Said There Was ‘a Lot of Cocaine’ at the Trump Parties

Barbara Pilling photos pictures

Screengrab via BBCBarbara Pilling pictured in the BBC documentary.

Another person, an unnamed man, told Panorama about his view of the parties saying, “There was a lot of cocaine around, there was a lot of alcohol. There were all older men, these were guys who cold easily be their fathers two times over, and you had men in the fifties, sixties on up. it was kind of like a feeding frenzy. The girls were there as consumables.” The press release says that the man said Trump “was notorious” for his behavior at these parties.

Summer Zervos Donald Trump

Zervos pictured in December 2017.

Also featured in the documentary is Summer Zervos, a former contestant on The Apprentice. She alleges that Trump forced himself upon her during a meeting at a hotel in Los Angeles. Zervos is taking legal action against Trump, accusing him of defamation after he called her a liar and denied ever meeting Zervos.



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Since Mr. Trump has never used drugs or alcohol, I really don’t think he would be going to parties where people were snorting cocaine or acting fools by drinking.


Not quite the case, anywhere there are women he will be chasing especially underage girls. Someone can go to a party where alcohol and drugs are being served and used, but do not have to partake in those activities especially if those things are going on in another room the non partaker isn’t in said room where the activities are taking place. Can’t take t-rump at his word because he has lied and hidden from the public so much in over in a year and 6.1 months now.