Henry Davis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Henry Davis


Henry Davis, an African American man from St. Louis, is quickly gaining fame on Twitter after posting a video of himself in tears, talking about how much President Trump means to him, and how proud he is to be an American.

The video, which has been retweeted more than 16 thousand times and liked more than 33 thousand times, shows an emotional Davis talking about how important the 45th president is to him, and how he has done so much to make America a better place, especially for African Americans.

Here’s what you need to know about Davis:

1. Davis Uploaded the Emotional Video to Twitter After Watching an African American Woman Talk About How Much Her Life Has Changed Since Trump Took Office

Davis posted the video to Twitter on June 29, with the caption in all caps: “I’M LITERALLY IN TEARS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF DONALD TRUMP!!”

Davis starts the video talking about the president and some of the successful things that his administration has accomplished since taking office, and Davis recalled how a black woman named Celia Griffin praised Trump during a speech at the Foxconn factory in Wisconsin.

With tears streaming down his face, Davis states: “I’m just so proud, I’m just proud to be an American.” He goes on to talk about how he respected former president Obama while he was in office, but that “there ain’t nobody like Trump.”

“I’m just crying because I’m just — I’m like it’s a good time to be alive. And to be able to witness what’s really going on. And we got a chance — I’m just talking about from a black perspective. If you really want to work and get up off your a– and do something, you can do it.”

“Black people working – you know what I’m saying — jobs [are] coming back, factories [are] opening up,” he continued. “He helping with the drug epidemic and all of that.”

2. Davis Posted Many Videos of His Political Views on Twitter & Created a Donald Trump Supporter Rally Song

Davis has over 42 thousand followers on Twitter and posts many videos, memes, and pictures, often expressing his support for Donald Trump and proudly expressing that he is an African American supporter of the president. Davis has uploaded several other videos discussing his thoughts on politics, including immigration issues, Maxine Waters and Trump’s travel ban.

One video show Davis wondering aloud where illegal immigrants find the money to continue to pay people to sneak them across the boarder, while another video has Davis asking why anybody would try to sue Trump over the travel ban. Davis starts many of his videos telling his followers: “my name is Henry Davis. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, I’m a black Donald Trump supporter.”

“I’d like to give a question to all of these states that are suing my Trump’s administration for this immigration thing.” He also often adds the hashtag #GOTRUMPORCRY to many of his posts, his trademark slogan.

Davis also shares plenty of memes in support of the president, links promoting some of his merchandise with the Go Trump or Cry logo, and photos representing himself as a proud, black Donald Trump supporter.

He doesn’t just post political videos however; he often posts his thoughts and feelings on other issues that are personal to him. He recently posted a picture of two black slaves with the caption, again in all caps: “I WONDER HOW THESE GUYS FEEL ABOUT BLACK MEN WALKING AROUND “SAGGIN” AND SHOWING THEY’RE UNDERWARE [sic] TODAY???”

He even wrote a “Donald Trump Supporter Rally Song” that he taped and posted on Twitter. You can watch the video below:

3. He Was Invited to the White House by Dr. Darrell Scott, a Member of President Trump’s Executive Transition Team.

The video of Davis crying and expressing his support of the president spread like wildfire across Twitter, with several thousands of retweets, and reactions of varying degrees of support.

Davis was even invited to the white house by Dr. Darrell Scott, an American pastor and a member of President Donald Trump’s executive transition team.

“I can’t SLEEP after getting a PERSONAL PHONE CALL from telling me that HE wants me to come to the WHITE HOUSE with him to discuss joining the URBAN REVITALIZATION TEAM and meet THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in a few weeks!!!!!! I’m SOOOO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!” Davis wrote in another post.

Davis also posted that he planned on performing his Donald Trump Supporter Rally Song for the president once he gets to the White House.

4. Davis is a Flatbed Truck Driver from St. Louis Missouri & is  Skilled With Public Speaking & Singing

Davis is a flatbed truck driver for the company Stock Transport in St. Louis, Missouri. His Facebook profile shows that he was engaged in 2014 although he his current relationship status states that he is single, and he goes by the nickname “Heavy.”

“DONT HAVE TIME FOR DA GAMES!! IMMA GIVE IT TO YA SKRAAAAD UP! HEAVY,” his Facebook reads under “about Henry.”

He writes that his professional skills involve public speaking and singing, and has 79,316 followers on his Facebook profile alone.

He posted his favorite quote on his profile, which reads: “The Gods Make Fools of Those They Destroy,” followed by his nickname.

His Facebook timeline is filled with similar videos and memes as his Twitter, often praising Trump and expressing his unwavering support of the president.

5. Davis Says The African American Community is Doing Much Better Under President Trump’s Administration

Davis wants to “rejuvenate inner cities with President Trump,” and has expressed his plans in another video that is currently circulating Facebook and Twitter.

“Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: http://www.infowars.com/show,” a statement under the video reads.

The video, originally posted on YouTube under the account “War Room,” outlines why Davis supports the president so implicitly. He talks about how much the president has done for the black community, and why he believes that African American’s are on their way to a better future with Trump in charge.

“This is a great time to be alive, God bless America man,” he says in the video after talking about his emotional Twitter video. “I can’t understand the hysteria, and the craziness, and the resistance about this man. This man ain’t done nothing to hurt America. Everything that he is doing right now is helping America.”

“Black people are going to work, black people got more money on their paycheck,” Davis says in the video. “In the hood … people going to work, people have income taxes are fatter because people don’t have to pay for that stupid a– Obamacare, people getting car loans because they got a paycheck now. It’s just a beautiful thing.”

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