LISTEN: Jocelyn Savage Family Attorney’s Response to R Kelly Song “Admit”

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Jocelyn Savage’s family’s attorney Gerald Griggs has given a full statement on R Kelly’s song ‘Admit’. The statement, which is recorded in the video below and was first given to HipHop Enquirer, reads:

“It seems as though Mr. Kelly is trying to conflate issues and his shift from the focus that started this whole thing. My clients released the YouTube video that detailed how Mr. Kelly became involved with their daughter, and at no point did her father drop her off in any concert…they were contacted by a cameraman for Mr. Kelly at their Atlanta boutique, who merely wanted to further her career and her sister’s career, and that handler provided contact with Mr. Kelly’s manager, and it was decided that they would be provided flights to a concert in California, at which point the Savages and their mother went to the concert and met Mr. Kelly.”

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Griggs clarified that her arrangement with Kelly was only ever meant to be related to advancing her music career, which didn’t happen.”

“Mr. Kelly then secretively gave his number to her and began an illicit relationship,” Griggs said, adding that once her parents found out about her relationship, they wanted her to “cut off all contact” with Kelly immediately.

Griggs explained that Savage did cut off contact with him, but eventually reached back out to him and suddenly she had dropped out of college and “they have not seen her for almost two years.”

“Those are the facts,” he said. “We’re not going to get in a back and forth debate with Mr. Kelly…we’ve always told Mr. Kelly or his agents or his lawyers that we solely want to make contact and see Jocelyn…This is not about him. This is about a relationship between a mother and a father and a daughter. That’s what Mr. Kelly should focus on, and not on conflating the issues or trying to distract from what’s really happening.”


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