Kate Lohan, Lindsay’s Stepmom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kate Lohan

PBCS Kate Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's step-mother, was arrested, charged with battery and held in Palm Beach County jail.

Kate Lohan was arrested in Boca Raton, Florida in the early morning hours and charged with battery according to police records.

Wife of Michael Lohan and step-mom of Lindsay Lohan, Kate Lohan was being held in the Palm Beach County jail as of Friday morning.

This is not the first time Lohan, 35, has been arrested or had a run-in with law enforcement.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Taken in at 3 a.m., Lohan Was Charged with Battery in a ‘Domestic’ Incident, Cops Say. Lohan Has a History of Battery Charges

Kate Major Lohan

Just befoe they married, then Kate Major, was arrested in 2014 and charged with DUI and battery.

Kate Major Lohan, married to Lindasy Lohan’s father since 2014, was arrested by Boca Raton police justvafter 3 a.m. Besides an update on the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s ‘booking blotter,’ where Lohan was listed as in custody, it’s noted she wsa charged with batter “BATTERY – TOUCH OR STRIKE.”

Less than two years ago, Lohan was arrested by Delray Beach police on charges of battery on a law-enforcement officer, disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer. She pleaded guilty and was let go with “time served.” She’d been in jail

2. In a Racist, Expletive-Laden Rant Last Summer, Lohan Described Herself as a ‘White Supremacist’

Lohan went on a graphically expletive-laden racist and homophobic rant last summer, threatened to kill police and was taken into custody under Florida’s Baker Act.

Police said they were taking her in under the Baker Act because she wanted to “kill us and other people.”

“Bitch, I’d like to kill you.” She also called the African-American police officer, who is calm and poised as she spews hate speech at him.

As it was being explained why she was going to be paced on a psych hold, Lohan said in the video, “Why would I be Baker Act’ed? Why because you;re a black fuc*ing miserable fu*k? Because you have no other job? I’m sorry but this country, including me, is part of white supremacy because you fuc*ing monkeys don’t know how to do your job.” At the end of the day, you guys were all slaves and you belong slaves and that’s all you’ll ever be good at is fuc*ing slaves,” she says with a white hood covering her face. “I’d love to be more a part of white supremacy because you’re all a bunch of fuc*ing monkeys.”

And in a homophobic tirade, Lohan called a female officer a “dyke” several times and accused the officer of touching her breasts.

The three police officers go out of their way to be calm and do not react to her spitting racist and homophobic hate speech.

3. Lohan Was Charged With Battery & Was Ordered Not to Drink or Take Drugs in 2015, She & Her husband Lost Custody of Their Kids

The Palm Beach Post reported in 2015 that based on police reports, Lohan “came home drunk and used long, acrylic fingernails to scratch her husband Michael…”

She was charged with domestic battery. But Palm Beach Circuit judge Caroline Shepherd said Lohan would “not be allowed to consume alcohol or non-prescription drugs.” The judge allowed her to stay with her husband and children.

At the time it was reported she was going through alcohol detox but was unsuccessful and began drinking wine and, the police report said, she “smelled of alcohol, had red, glossy eyes and slurred speech.” Lohan initially told first repsonders that Michael Lohan “grabbed her neck” and then she “started scratching her own neck, trying to create red marks,” according tot he report.

Then, the Lohan’s lost custody of their children.

Following the 2015 arrest of Kate Lohan, the couple lost their two young children temporarily by a Florida judge who sided with the state’s Dept. of Children and Families. The kids were placed wit Michael Lohan’s mother.

Florida DCF got a hold of video that showed the Lohan’s brawling in front of their two-year-old son and two-month-old baby. Placed in the care of their paternal grandmother, the couple had to be monitored to see their kids on visits.

The judge also ordered both to enter anger management counseling.

In 2016, Kate Lohan was ordered to serve six months in jail for her various battery and DUI charges. She was reunited with her husband and children following her incarceration.

4. On Her Social Media Lohan, Who Sells Skincare Products, Paints an Idyllic Family Life in Photographs of Michael Lohan & Their Children & Retweets Trump

Lohan frequently posts images of her two boys and their father Michael Lohan on her Twitter account.

In addition to pics of her family, her promotions of the skincare product line she sells, Lohan regularly tweets or posts stories about her famous step-daughter.

And Lohan is a vocal Trump supporter and frequently retweets the President.

5. Lohan, a Former Tabloid Reporter, Was Connected With Jon Gosslein Before Marrying Michael Lohan Who Was a Friend at the Time

Kate Major Lohan

In Southhampton in 2010, then-Kate Major, who was the on-again, off-again fiance of Michael Lohan arrives for an arraignment at the Southampton Town Justice Court. Michael Lohan was charged with attacking Major, his soon-to-be wife.

In 2009 the New York Daily News reported that Lohan, then Kate Major, a writer for the supermarket tabloid The Star, met and hooked up with then reality TV celebrity Jon Gosselin. She was doing a story on him for the magazine when they met and the two were photographed around New York and then She said at the time Lohan was a close friend.

The two married but not before Michael Lohan faced charges in 2010 that he kicked and threatened to kill her. They were reportedly engaged at the time. The couple eventually married.

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