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Tekashi 6ix9ine legal troubles

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Tekashi 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, is a 22-year-old upcoming rapper with over 8 million followers on Instagram. From 2014 to 2016, 6ix9ine self produced and self released multiple tracks. Then in 2017, started working with producer Koncept P.

In February, 2018, 6ix9ine mentioned being offered a $15 million dollar contract by Birdman, but Birdman has yet to confirm. According to Uproxx, 6ix9ine is now the “most disliked figure in recent rap history.” Since December of 2017, he’s been involved in 10 controversies.

On July 11, 2018, 6ix9ine was apprehended by NYPD at JFK airport after coming home from his European tour. According to TMZ, he has an outstanding warrant in Houston, Texas where charges were brought against him for attacking a 16-year-old in the Galleria Mall after the kid snuck a video of him.

6ix9ine recently told a Manhattan judge, “I’ve been very remorseful for my lack of responsibility. In the short time I’ve been incarcerated, I’ve learned my lesson to be more respectful,” but the judge denied him bail.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Tekashi 6ix9ine Grew Up a Starving Child

During an extensive interview with No Jumper, Tekashi was overcome by emotion when asked to talk about his childhood. “I slept with my mom until I was 13-years-old. She would lay over me and cry because she’d hear how screechy my stomach would be.”

He grew up in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, New York, where his mother worked hard for them to survive. “We didn’t have no bread,” Tekashi said in the interview. “My mom would pull sneakers out the garbage and surprise me like she got me new shoes.”

According to Mass Appeal, his father was shot and killed a block away from their home when he was just 8-years-old. That’s when Tekashi turned from “class clown” to “class bully.” He was determined to stand out so he could pull himself out of his struggle, but he didn’t choose music as his avenue of escape, not at first.

2. Tekashi 6ix9ine Was First Famous for His Outrageous Fashion; It Was Only When His Social Media Following Increased That He Started Releasing Tracks

Tekashi takes pride in “shock value.” Before he was ever known for any of his raps, he drew major traction to his social media accounts by wearing outrageous t-shirts “with words on them like ‘PUSSY’ and ‘HIV,’” reported Hot New HipHop (HNHH).

When he realized how many eyes were on him, he launched his SCUMGANG69 campaign which stood for “Society Can’t Understand Me.” According to HNHH, “he eventually started rapping after people took notice of his unique style.”

Since he already had the following, it was easy for him to sell his music. His very first commerical single, “Gummo,” that was released on November 10th, 2017, was certified platinum on March 5th of this year.

3. 6ix9ine Is Facing Charges From a 2015 Case of Sexual Misconduct With a Minor

Last year, the public was made aware of 6ix9ine’s involvement with a minor after rapper Trippie Redd, who helped promote 6ix9ine as an upcoming artist, called him out for it. According to Jezebel, Redd posted a video to his social media accounts, saying, “I’m sorry brozay, but 1400 don’t promote pedophiles.” That video has since been deleted and so has Tekashi’s response.

Tekashi clapped back at Redd in a snap story, where he’s shown shaking a bag full of $30,000 in cash while laughing through these words: “They say I’m a rapist. I’m such a happy rapist. And I’m free.”

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According to the New York Times, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to “use of a child in a sexual performance,” but the evidence never pointed to rape. He claims the girl told him and his boys that she was 19. At the time, Tekashi was 18.

Jezebel reported that he now has to commit to two years of mental health counseling and complete 300 hours of community service in New York City. Despite the scandal, Tekashi 6ix9ine is holding his audience.

4. 6ix9ine’s Concerts Are Becoming Increasingly Violent & a Mighty Street Movement is Forming Behind His Music

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Tekashi is finding it difficult these days to book concerts. “Venues have started to beef up security or cancel his shows,” reported HNHH. It all started during NBA All-Star Weekend back in February where 6ix9ine was scheduled to perform several shows at the Belasco Theatre in LA. All his shows were canceled “to prevent gang activities from taking place in the audience and putting lives in danger,” wrote HNHH.

Shots rang outside a private nightclub two weeks prior to those events where Tekashi was performing in Minnesota City. According to XXL Magazine, “6ix9ine and his crew were physically seen confronting a member of a rival gang on the street before gunshots were heard.” Tekashi left untouched but taunted his perpetrators in a video he posted to his Instagram in which he screamed, “You will never touch me. You can’t lay a finger on me, man.”

A few weeks later, Tekashi entered into some beef after he crashed the birthday/block party of J. Prince Jr., son of James Prince who promotes some of Houston’s biggest names in rap. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, 6ix9ine claimed he had an invitation to the party, but J. Prince Jr. rebutled, saying he’d sent Tekashi’s crew a text to set up a meet and greet, but Tekashi’s crew blew him off, yet still showed up to his party.

Shots broke out at that party. Houston police reported, “one man in critical condition and a 15-year-old girl treated for a minor graze to the neck.” According to Vibe, J. Prince Jr. took to his social media to let out a warning that “disrespect towards him or his city would not be tolerated on any level.”

HNHH reported that it was threats against Tekashi’s life that kept him from getting on stage at his SXSW shows where Prince and his crew were waiting to retaliate. During the past three months, 6ix9ine has found himself in dozens of altercations and has stirred up an uproar with other rappers. Big names such as The Game, Jay Critch and boxer Adrien Broner are urging others to stop supporting him. XXXTentacion felt this tension building, so he left Tekashi with a strict warning shortly before his death.

5. XXXTentacion Spoke With 6ix9ine Right Before His Death, Telling Him To ‘Be Safe” & ‘Act Smart’

XXXTentacion and Tekashi 6ix9ine

Instagram/6ix9ine_XXXTentacion sends warning to Tekashi 6ix9ine right before his death

Shortly before rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed in South Florida, he sent 6ix9ine this message: “Be safe okay? Never let your guard down.” He urged Tekashi to, “keep moving smart.”

In a call, XXXTentacion went into detail concerning 6ix9ine’s beef with rapper Trippie Red, saying, “leave this conversation alone, be the best artists that you can be, do something for the community.”

According to Mercury News, his last words to Tekashi were, “move smarter, more patient and be more relaxed.” Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently a suspect in an ongoing investigation over the shooting of Chicago rapper Chief Keef at the W Hotel in New York City on June 2nd, Vibe reported.

Watch Tekashi’s reaction to XXXTenacion’s death here:

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