WATCH: Facebook Live Video of Woman Kicking Child on Philadelphia Playground Goes Viral

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A Facebook live video taken by a woman named Kelly Jax has gone viral. Jax was at a playground in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when she spotted a woman kicking a child. Jax filmed as two children — a girl and a boy — got into a bit of a tiff while playing at Tacony Park in the city’s Holmesburg neighborhood, according to Philly Voice.

A woman, believed to be the young girl’s mother, stepped in, telling the young girl, “get him.” Jax believes that the woman was encouraging the child to go after the boy.

“No kicking. No kicking. You want to kick? How you feel? Keep kicking her in the stomach. I’ll kick you in your f***ing nuts and you won’t be able to have kids,” the woman can be heard saying. The man seen in the video did not appear to get physical with the children. It is unknown if the man and woman knew each other, but the two left the playground together, with the two children.

Police have launched an investigation and are currently seeking the identity of the woman in the video. Said video has gone viral, with more than 175,000 times since it was first uploaded on Tuesday.

“The daughter grabbed him in a head lock and they both fell to the ground. The boy didn’t want to wrestle or fight her. The look on his face said it all. The little girl was on top of him and the boy kept trying to get her off of him and let go of the head lock, he rolled over to the right almost hitting his head on the metal pole, he used his feet to push her off, the man stepped in and said, ‘No hitting, no hitting,’ and the woman was laughing. That’s why I started recording,” Jax told Philly Voice.

Jax captioned the video with the following:

“Any one recognize this woman? At first it looked like the kids were playing but she wanted her daughter to fight the boy. Apparently the boy is her ‘foster son.'”

After receiving from negative comments, Jax posted the following update:

“I am not regretting catching this scumbag in the act of abuse. Please understand that I had 2 toddlers with me also when this happened. Someone did go after her and caught up to her at the Dunkin’ Donuts. NO ONE just sat by taping and not step in, they went after her.”

Philadelphia police have asked that anyone with any information about the woman in the video contact the department by calling (215) 686-8477 or texting 773847.

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