Kanye West Tiny Shoes: Best Twitter Memes & Reactions

Kanye West Tiny Shoes

Screenshot of Tweet Kanye West's tiny shoes are trending on Twitter.

Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian attended 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s Miami wedding Saturday, and the power couple both donned green to celebrate the special day. However, West’s shoes made more of an impression on Twitter than their outfits.

To top of his soft green Louis Vuitton suit, West rocked a pair of Yeezy slide-on’s with light blue socks. It wasn’t just that the rapper was wearing socks and slide on shoes to a wedding, it was the fact that shoes appeared to be two sizes too small that sent social media users into meltdown mode.

Twitter is having a field day over West’s outfit, as users wanted to know what possessed the rapper to wear the shoes. The rest of the internet did what it does best, and churned out several hilarious memes and gifs to commemorate such a special outfit.

Another user wrote: “Maybe Kanye spilled something on the shoes he was gonna wear to 2 Chainz’s wedding. And maybe these beige puffy sandals were the only other footwear lying around. Because we all know this man makes many bold fashion risks, but he knows his shoe size.”


Fans also poked fun at his choice of footwear that was clearly too small for his feel and that many branded as inappropriate for the lavish occasion. One user wrote “shoes always complete, or in this case, incomplete the look,” while others accused West of forgetting his own shoes and stealing Kim’s instead.

Another person said: “I’m mad that Kanye West decided to wear slides with that suit… And then slides that aren’t even his size? Like, damn he looked f–king good until I saw the full photos and realised his shoes don’t even fit his feet. Mad.”

Others mentioned what a smart move it was for West to wear shoes that were too small for him at a really publicized wedding. Not only are people more interested in talking about his footwear than the actual wedding, but he is getting free publicity for his shoe line.

Joe Dillard wrote: “Say what you want, but he’s a smart guy. Now people are talking about his shoes (Yeezy Slides) that he recently introduced, but I bet they wouldn’t be if he wore the correct size.”

The rest of the internet flooded Twitter with memes and gifs poking fun of West’s outfit and tiny shoes.

One user even accused him of grabbing his daughter’s shoes on the way to the wedding. “You’d think with all that Yeezy money, Kanye West would have chosen shoes that fir for such an occasion, but nah he had to take North’s on the way out.”

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