Maxine Feldstein & Nicholas Lowe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

maxine feldstein and Nicholas Lowe

Washington County Detention Center Maxine Feldstein & Nicholas Lowe.

Maxine Feldstein and Nicholas Lowe are the Arkansas couple accused in an elaborate get-out–of-jail scheme. Officials say Feldstein posed as a deputy in order to free her boyfriend from custody in July.

The plan worked, and the two walked out of the Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It took deputies two days to figure out they had been duped. Both Feldstein and Lowe have since been arrested again.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Feldstein and Lowe Were Both Arrested July 14, but Only Feldstein Could Post Bond

Maxine Feldstein, 30, and boyfriend Nicholas Lowe, 23, were arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center on July 14. According to the Northwest Arkansas Democratic Gazette, Feldstein was accused of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Lowe was taken into custody because there was an outstanding warrant on him out-of-state. He was wanted in Ventura County, California for false impersonation. confirmed with the Washington County Detention Center that Feldstein posted bond on July 14th and was released. Lowe was also booked into custody that day. Because of that outstanding warrant, Lowe was unable to post bond.

2. Officials Say Feldstein Provided Fake Documents and Posed as a Deputy From California to Free Her Boyfriend

As stated above, Nicholas Lowe was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on July 14th. He was still there on July 27th. That day, Feldstein called the jail and introduced herself as “Deputy Kershaw with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.”

According to officials, Feldstein told deputies she had sent a fax releasing the hold on Lowe. She told deputies that Ventura County was having a problem with jail overcrowding, and therefore suspending low-priority extraditions such as Lowe’s.

According to an affidavit, a deputy at the Detention Center said he had not received a fax. Feldstein then sent over an email with the fake form. The plan worked, and Lowe was allowed to leave.

The Northwest Arkansas Democratic Gazette also reported that Washington County deputies reviewed jailhouse tapes after the release. They discovered that Lowe had instructed Feldstein to pose as a deputy. He allegedly told her what to say about overcrowding.

3. The Couple Traveled to Independence, Missouri, Where They Were Arrested Again

The scheme was discovered 48 hours after Nicholas Lowe was mistakenly released from jail. A real deputy from Ventura County, California called the Washington County Detention Center. He told them he was on his way to Arkansas to pick up Lowe. Deputies then realized the error and began searching for the couple.

A spokeswoman from the Washington County Detention Center told Heavy that Feldstein and Lowe were arrested in Independence, Missouri before being transferred back to Arkansas. Independence is about 240 miles north of Fayetteville.

We confirmed with the Independence Police Department that Feldstein and Lowe were temporarily in their custody. They would not, however, reveal the date of their arrests. Independence police also did not comment on why the couple was arrested in Missouri or how police found them.

We do know that Feldstein and Lowe were booked back into the jail in Washington County on Friday, August 17th.

4. Lowe’s Jailbreak Could Earn Him Several Years Behind Bars if Convicted

Nicholas Lowe

Nicholas Lowe.

Maxine Feldstein and Nicholas Lowe were both booked back into the Washington County Detention Center late Friday, August 17th, according to jail records.

Nicholas Lowe is charged with second degree escape. A hearing on that charge is scheduled for September 5th. It is unclear when he will be extradited to Ventura County, California to face the false impersonation charge there. Second degree escape is a Class B felony under Arkansas law. Possible punishment if convicted is 5-20 years behind bars and a fine up to $15,000.

Lowe’s bond was set at $15,000. According to jail records, he remains in custody as of Tuesday, August 22.

5. The Drug Case Against Maxine Feldstein Was Still Pending Before the Escape

maxine feldstein

Maxine Feldstein.

Maxine Feldstein may be in deeper trouble than Lowe in Arkansas. Charges pending against her include:

• Forgery
• Criminal impersonation
• Possession of meth or cocaine with purpose to deliver
• Possession of drug paraphernalia
• Violation of suspension or probation

maxine feldstein charges

Charges against Maxine Feldstein.

Forgery is a Class B felony, while criminal impersonation is a Class A misdemeanor. The drug possession charge could be either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the circumstances of the case.

She has a court date scheduled for September 5th on the forgery and violation charges. A hearing on the drug possession offense is scheduled for October 30th. Bond for her was set at $16,500.

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