Mollie Tibbetts Preliminary Autopsy Reveals Death by “Multiple Sharp Objects”

mollie tibbetts autopsy

Mollie Tibbetts Facebook A preliminary autopsy report on slain Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts reveals "homicide by multiple sharp force injuries."

Preliminary results from Mollie Tibbett’s autopsy has revealed that the University of Iowa student looks to have died from “multiple sharp force injuries.”

The update comes from CBS and Fox news reporter Gabriele Vidal, who tweeted out the information early Thursday afternoon.

The official autopsy statement read, “The State Medical Examiner determined that the manner of death was homicide resulting from multiple sharp force injuries. Further examination may result in additional findings.”

The autopsy was conducted yesterday, August 22, according to the report.

Cristhian Rivera, who has been charged with first degree murder in the death of Tibbetts, is currently being held on $5 million cash bond.

Earlier in the week, Rivera confessed to following Tibbetts in a car while she was on a run, then parking the car and running behind Tibbetts who he said threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave her alone.

Rivera has since told police that his memory is “blocked” when he tries to think about what comes next, but that he blacked back in he realized he had put Tibbetts in his trunk and there was blood coming from her head.

As for the motive, DCI Special Agent in Charge Richard Rahn said via Inside Edition, “I can’t really speak about the motive, I can just tell you it seemed that he followed her and seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day. And for whatever reason, he chose to abduct her.”


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