WATCH: ‘Repo Rachel’ Calls Cops on Black Man Getting Into His Own Car

A black man getting into his car in Milwaukee to find change for the parking meter says a white woman called police on him.

Corvontae Q. Bizzle Davis posted on Facebook the woman was “shouting, screaming, ‘Dude, why are you breaking into that car? Whose car is that? Does it belong to you?’”

Davis was opening the doors on his own car to rummage for coins for the parking meter when the woman he called ‘Repo Rachel,’ phoned police. Davis owns a 2016 Ford Mustang that uses a fob rather than a key.

Davis, a corrections officer, told Milwaukee local media he’d parked but needed to get back in his car to get meter change. The door did not unlock so he went around the car “and opened the door after hitting the unlock button again on his key fob.”

Davis, who earned a degree at the University of Wisconsin and graduated cum laude, said he then heard the woman yelling at him. He said she phoned police. Davis waited for cops and they confirmed it was his own car but the woman had already left. Davis said police handled the call “appropriately.” Newsweek confirmed Davis’ account; Milwaukee police officers “responded to the area of E. St. Paul Avenue and N. Milwaukee Street in Milwaukee on Tuesday after receiving a report of a suspicious person.”

In an email to the magazine, the Milwaukee Police Department said, the “caller stated that an individual was rummaging though a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers were able to determine the vehicle was in fact the individuals’…”

The woman has not yet been identified, but if/when she is, Heavy will update the story.

“So, apparently now black people can’t enter their own vehicles. RepoRachel called the cops on me today here in the historic …Milwaukee Wisconsin …as she believed I was breaking into (his own car) when I went back to retrieve change to put into the parking meter. #bigfacts #bigmad tho #share #milwaukee MPD did get involve but handled it appropriately and let me enjoy my day ?‍♀️”

Davis told WISN that initially he wasn’t going to post the video he’d taken to his Facebook but changed his mind. He said he wanted to call attention to the incident so …”these kinds of situations can be resolved.”

#RepoRachel joins Permit Patty and BBQ Becky, among other white women who have been captured on camera phone video calling 911 on African-American people doing ordinary things.

In June, Alison Ettel called police on Erin Austin, 8, of San Francisco for selling water to baseball fans in front of her apartment building near AT&T Park. Austin’s mother Jordan Rogers recorded Ettel hiding behind a wall crouched down calling 911 saying the little girl did not have a permit.

Ettel, 44, known as #PermitPatty, is a highly-educated white woman and now former owner of a successful medical marijuana business in the Bay Area. She was forced to step down from the company after worldwide backlash. Ettel claimed on national TV that she was only “pretending to call police.” And then the 911 recording was released.

LISTEN: Woman calls 911 on girl selling water without a permitA San Francisco woman whom the internet nicknamed “Permit Patty” lied when she said that she only pretended to call police on an 8-year-old-girl selling bottled water without a permit in front of her house. KTVU has obtained the 911 call in which Ettel is caught on tape.2018-06-28T20:57:01.000Z

Just weeks before, Jennifer Schulte, aka #BBQBecky, called cops on a black family cooking out in an Oakland park.

Both Schulte and Ettel have much in common; white, well-educated, and both claimed to have been victimized and did a lot of crying on TV and in videos. Schulte was even placed on a psych hold.

jennifer schulte bbq becky

YoutubeThe video has led to a meme, known as “BBQ Becky.”

It remains to be seen if Repo Rachel will be identified, but Twitter sleuths have a way of outing people calling 911 on people of color they are suspicious of, for whatever reason: getting in their own car; napping on campus; standing in a doorway to avoid rain; wearing a Puerto Rican flag T-shirt; eating lunch on their college campus; or being arrested for being in a coffee shop. It used to be the proverbial ‘driving-while-black’ or ‘shopping-while-black’ – something African-Americans and other people of color are familiar with. But of late, the incidents of white people, in many cases white women, calling for armed law enforcement on black women playing golf too loudly or blacks who didn’t wave, is seemingly epidemic. Or just more frequently caught on camera and posted to social.

A Yale sociologist says it’s about ‘white’ and ‘black’ spaces, where, Elijah Anderson says, “there is a difference between ‘white spaces,’ where black people are often not present or exist in a limited number, and ‘black spaces,’ communities and spaces occupied by larger numbers of black people,” since the country, he says is largely divided along racial boundaries. It’s the new ‘whites only’ signs mentality, an internalized racial superiority as expressed by white author David Billings in “Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy in United States History and Life,” a study of white superiority.

But others worry too about disparate use of excessive or deadly force by law enforcement.

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Davis, a foodie on Instagram who wears many professional hats including degree-holder, certified and trained substitute teacher and corrections officer, says he just wants an apology from the woman being called RepoRachel.

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