REPORT: Zach Smith Admits to Domestic Abuse Against Wife

Brett Smith

YouTube/ A text between Brett Smith and his wife Courtney was revealed on Friday, seeming to show him admitting to domestic abuse.

Brett McMurphy revealed texts between Zach Smith and his wife Courtney which seem to show Smith admitting to domestic abuse, per a tweet on Friday afternoon. Smith has previously denied any wrongdoing.

In the tweet, Smith admits to having strangled his wife on a trip to Punta Cana. Smith has given several interviews over the course of Friday, actively denying that this was ever the case.

Smith to 105.7 the Zone: ‘I Never Hit Her’

On Friday afternoon, former wide receivers coach Zach Smith told radio broadcast 105.7 the Zone in Columbus that he “didn’t deny” he was part of a troubled marriage or that things didn’t “get physical,” but that he had “never broke the law.”

“We had a volatile relationship, it was toxic,” Smith said. “There was a lot of aggressive situations … I’ve never committed domestic abuse against her. Now, there were times things got out of hand and I had to defensively restrain her … I never hit her.”

The texts that McMurphy released later seem to directly contradict this testimony. Smith has not yet commented on McMurphy’s exposing of the screenshot.

When asked about the bruises in photos that Courtney Smith had shared earlier in the week, Smith said, “I am not discounting they are [from me], I don’t know when they are from, I don’t know where they are from,” Zach said. “There were several times that things got out of hand between us and I can’t say [I may have been] restraining her to get out of the house. I’m not saying she didn’t get a bruise or a mark.”

Smith to ESPN’s Dan Murphy: ‘I Don’t Know What’s Going on’

To ESPN’s Dan Murphy on Friday afternoon, Smith said,  “I told (Meyer), ‘Courtney is accusing me that I committed domestic violence. I didn’t.’ I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to meet with the investigator to find out what the deal is. I told the police anything that happened to her body was a defensive action to remove myself from the situation.”

He also told Murphy that Coach Urban Meyer had known about a 2009 “incident” with his wife, but that Meyer had not gotten involved, instead choosing to “let due process run its course.”

McMurphy claims to have extensive information and textual evidence of Smith’s violence, dating as far back as 2015. In a Facebook post on August 1, McMurphy wrote, “One 2015 text exchange between Courtney and Shelley Meyer shows the extent of Shelley’s knowledge of the alleged domestic abuse and that she was concerned for Courtney’s safety.

Shelley: ‘I am with you! A lot of women stay hoping it will get better. I don’t blame you! But just want u to be safe. Do you have a restraining order? He scares me’
Courtney: ‘Restraining orders don’t do anything in Ohio-I tried to get protection order which is what started this whole investigation. And that should go through soon finally. It’s hard bc you have to prove immediate danger. Legal system is tough. Basically you have to prove he will kill u to get protective order’
Shelley: ‘Geesh! Even w the pics? Didn’t law enforcement come to your place ever??'”


This is a breaking news post and will be updated with information as it comes.