Brett Kavanaugh’s Mother & Father Are Sitting Behind Him [PHOTOS]

Getty Brett Kavanaugh speaks as his family and friends listen.

As Brett Kavanaugh testifies about Christine Ford’s allegations of sexual assault, his family and friends are seated behind him to provide support. His wife, Ashley, is seated directly behind him and to his left (from the viewer’s perspective.) Next to her is a longtime friend of Kavanaugh’s, and next to her are Kavanaugh’s parents. Kavanaugh choked up while he spoke about his mom and dad during the testimony.

His Parents Looked Heartbroken As They Watched

His parents, Everett Edward Kavanaugh Jr. and Martha Gamble Kavanaugh, are seated behind him during the testimony.

GettyBrett Kavanaugh speaks as his father and mother listen at the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kavanaugh choked back tears as he spoke about his parents during the beginning of his testimony.

GettyEverett Edward Kavanaugh walks by the media during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of his son.

He said that he kept a calendar as a teen because his dad started keeping detailed calendars of his life in 1978.

GettyThe parents of Brett Kavanaugh, Martha Kavanaugh(L)and Everett Edward Kavanaugh(C) walk by the media during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Then his voice broke again when he talked about his mother, Martha Kavanaugh, and how his 10-year-old daughter asked if they could pray for Christine Ford.

GettyJudge Brett Kavanaugh’s parents, Everett and Martha Kavanaugh, listen to their son testify.

Both of Kavanaugh’s parents were attorneys, and Kavanaugh’s mother was also a Maryland Circuit Court Judge and the Assistant State’s Attorney in Montgomery County. She retired in 2001.

GettyMartha Kavanaugh listens to her son, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

When Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations surfaced, rumors began circulating that her allegations were some kind of payback for a role that Kavanaugh’s mother had played in her parents’ foreclosure. But as Snopes pointed out, this is inaccurate. Yes, Martha Kavanaugh did preside over some parts of Ralph and Paula Blasey’s foreclosure case in 1996. But she actually ruled in their favor, and they were able to keep their home. She granted a motion in 1997 to end foreclosure proceedings against the Blaseys, after they were able to refinance their mortgage. The Blaseys kept their home, and transferred ownership of the home into a family trust in 2014.

His Wife Was Also Sitting Behind Him


Kavanaugh’s wife was also seated behind him during the hearing. But unlike the first hearings, where his children were present, his daughters were understandably not present today.

Since the accusations against Kavanaugh came out, people have donated more than $500,000 toward a GoFundMe for his wife and children, but it’s unclear if they’ll be able to use the funds.

The Two Blonde Women Seated Behind Him Are Longtime Friends


Two other women could be seen during his testimony. Suzanne Matan was seated on his left (the viewer’s right.) She’s a longtime friend from high school.

GettyLaura Cox Kaplan tears up as Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh testifies

And the blonde woman sitting next to his parents, often looking heartbroken, is Laura Cox Kaplan. She is the creator and host of the She Said She Said Podcast (an earlier version of this story had the wrong name for the podcast listed.) She is also a firm supporter of Kavanaugh and has said that she and Kavanaugh have been friends for almost 20 years.

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