Christopher Clements Indicted for Isabel Celis & Maribel Gonzales Murder

Christopher Clements Arizona

Maricopa County Jail

Christopher Clements has been indicted in the murders of Maribel Gonzales and Isabel Celis in Arizona. Clements, 36, was already in custody on burglary and fraud charges when he was indicted in the murders of the two young girls. The indictment was handed down on September 14. The indictment was announced to the public in a press conference held by County Attorney Barbara LaWall.

Clements is facing two counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping of a minor and one count of burglary. Those charges are in addition to 14 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, which are related to child pornography, documents say.

Celis was six years old when she vanished from her home in Tucson in April 2012. She was reported missing by her father, Sergio. The alarm was raised as the family searched for her and her brother noticed that her bedroom window was open. During the early part of the investigation, Sergio Celis was barred from seeing his two sons by local social services which meant that he could not attend a vigil for his daughter. Despite the rumors, his family consistently maintained that he had nothing to do with Celis’ disappearance.

Her disappearance created a nationwide search to no avail. Over the years, age progression images were created for Celis by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to aid in the search.

Man indicted in connection to murder of Isabel Celis, Maribel GonzalesA man was indicted Friday in connection to the murders of two young girls – Isabel Celis and Maribel Gonzales. According to officials, Tucson detectives drove to Phoenix to read 36-year-old Christopher Clements his charges of Friday afternoon in connection to the two murders. Police say he is currently in custody and locked up in Maricopa County…2018-09-15T18:39:25.000Z

In October 2017, parts of Celis’ skull and pelvis were recovered by investigators. Though that discovery did not reveal how the child died. The exact location where her remains were found was redacted from her autopsy. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Remains of Isabel Celis found almost five years after disappearanceThe remains of Isabel Celis, who disappeared from her home in 2012, were located in rural Pima County.2017-03-31T22:51:42.000Z

Maribel Gonzales went missing in 2014 when she was 13 years old. Gonzales also lived in Tucson. A few days after she disappeared, Gonzales body was found in a desert area in Tucson.

You can read the full documents in the case here:

Clements Was Convicted of Unlawful Sexual Penetration With a Foreign Object in 1998

Online records show that Clements has a lengthy criminal record. Those offenses included multiple sex crimes and crimes against children. Clements has also been in trouble for failure to register as a sex offender. In June 1998, Clements was convicted of two counts of unlawful sexual penetration with a foreign object. Clements was released from prison in 2011.

Clements Is Also Accused of Defrauding a Couple Who Were Mourning Their Daughter

ABC Tucson reports that Clements’ fraud charges involved elaborate schemes where he researched his alleged victims. The station says that Clements is accused of targeting a couple in their 80s. He allegedly called their home and told them needed to pick up a package from FedEx that was related to cancer. Clements’ allegedly told them he couldn’t divulge who sent the package. Through researching his victims, Clements’ discovered that their daughter had recently passed away from cancer. When the couple went to retrieve the fake package, their home had been burglarized. The victims said that “thousands of dollars” worth of jewelry was taken.

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