Hurricane Florence: All the Memes You Need to See

Twitter Hurricane Florence memes

Hurricane Florence is currently making its way across the Atlantic and has set its eye on the Carolina coast, according to FOX News. The Category 4 storm is said to be bringing with it 130 mph winds and upwards of 40 inches of rainfall.

To cope with this worrisome situation, the internet has seen fit to take Hurricane Florence and provide comic relief through a series of memes.

Of course, these memes aren’t referencing the damage that Hurricane Florence is predicted to inflict on North and South Carolina, but rather the many puns and pop culture references that online users have concocted.

Several Memes Have Referenced the Singer Florence Welch

The most common references have been to Florence Welch, who is the lead singer of the group Florence + The Machine. The singer’s powerful voice and stage presence has provided the perfect meme outlet for the incoming hurricane, and users have been quick to draw the comparison.

This is especially the case with the Florence + The Machine track that’s titled, ironically enough, “Hurricane Drunk.” Check out the memes below.

There have also been a few memes with other women named Florence, including Florence Henderson, the actress who starred in The Brady Bunch, and Florence Jean Castleberry, the character played by Polly Holliday on the TV series Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

“5 day cone and rainfall projections. Thank goodness we’re ‘only’ in the 4-10″ range,” wrote one user. “Am I the only person who keeps picturing Florence Henderson every time the hurricane comes up?”

Other Memes Referenced Popular TV Shows & Films

There are also several memes that see television characters attempting to push Hurricane Florence away from them in a panic. “Take Hurricane Florence and push it somewhere ELSE!” reads one post, with a photo of Patrick from Spongebob Sqaurepants doing just that.

Other characters who are desperate to push the storm include Ross, the character played by David Schwimmer in Friends. These have been lumped in with memes and gifs that summarize how nervous citizens are for the impending storm.

The severity of the storm, which has reached Category 4, has also given the meme treatment. A recurring meme has been taking the premise of Avengers: Infinity War, in which the titular heroes attempt to find a timeline where the win over Thanos, and discover that there’s only one.

Other references include the 1990 miniseries It, starring Tim Curry as the demonic clown Pennywise, and Flo, the character played by actress Stephanie Courtney for the Progressive commercials.

Steve Goldstein, the liaison for FEMA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told FOX that the storm is forecast to stall once it hits landfall before turning slightly south and heading down the coast towards the Carolinas. An estimated 5.4 million people are in its path.

President Donald Trump declared states of emergency for North and South Carolina and Virginia, and all three states have ordered mass evacuations along the coast.

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