John Bash, Zina Bash’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

John Bash Zina Bash's husband

Getty John Bash is the husband of Zina Bash and the U.S. Attorney for Central and West Texas; previously, he was a law clerk for Brett Kavanaugh.

John Bash is the husband of Zina Bash, the woman sitting behind Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation process hearing on day one. Zina Bash’s name went viral as users tried to figure out who she was and what her relationship is to Kavanaugh (she’s an aide on his Supreme Court team), then it exploded when some users questioned whether Bash was making the white power symbol with her fingers on television.

John Bash took to Twitter to denounce anyone who believed his wife had participated in any act related to a hate group immediately after the event.

Bash is a U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Bash Took to Twitter to Denounce Those Who Believed His Wife Had Made a White Power Sign

A few hours after Twitter went viral with questions about Bash’s hand position during Kavanaugh’s hearing, John Bash took to Twitter to set the record straight. Over the course of three tweets, Bash wrote,

“The attacks today on my wife are repulsive. Everyone tweeting this vicious conspiracy theory should be ashamed of themselves. We weren’t even familiar with the hateful symbol being attributed to her for the random way she rested her hand during a long hearing. Zina is Mexican on her mother’s side and Jewish on her father’s side. She was born in Mexico. Her grandparents were Holocaust survivors. We of course have nothing to do with hate groups, which aim to terrorize and demean other people — never have and never would. Some of the Twitter comments have even referred to our baby daughter. I know that there are good folks on both sides of the political divide. I hope that people will clearly condemn this idiotic and sickening accusation.”

2. Bash Was Sworn in by Brett Kavanaugh in April

Bash has his own connection to Kavanaugh, outside of his wife’s position. He was sworn in to his official position of chief federal enforcement officer for Central and West Texas by none other than Kavanaugh himself on April 12, 2018.

Of his position, Bash said after being sworn in, “We are a nation of immigrants, but I don’t understand the folks who say we shouldn’t enforce the law against people who are literally picked up illegally crossing the border. The folks that criticize our enforcement efforts have an obligation to say what those enforcement efforts should look like.”

3. Bash Was the Prosecutor for the Austin Bombings

Bash had only just become U.S. Attorney when he had to prosecute Austin bomber, Mark Anthony Conditt, who was allegedly responsible for the series of bombings in Austin.

During the investigation, Bash said, “We are looking through very voluminous computer records to examine his intent and motivations, and so there is still an ongoing investigation, and we do urge the public to remain vigilant about suspicious packages and to contact the APD if you notice a suspicious package.”

4. Bash Has Served as a Special Assistant to Trump in the Past

Prior to becoming U.S. Attorney for Central and West Texas, Bash was a special assistant to Trump as well as an associate White House counsel.

Bash has argued 10 cases before the Supreme Court, and also served as a law clerk to the late Antonin Scalia.

5. Bash Was a Law Clerk for Kavanaugh, Who Described Bash as ‘Brilliant’

One of Bash’s first positions after graduating from Harvard Law School in 2006 was a clerkship for Kavanaugh while he served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Of Bash, Kavanaugh has said, “He’s brilliant and quick and has an extraordinary knowledge of the law.”


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