Twitter Has Permanently Banned Alex Jones

Twitter, one of the last social media services to allow Alex Jones to broadcast on their site, has just announced that Jones is permanently banned from the site.

The ban extends to both Alex Jones and Infowars, Jones’s controversial news outlet. Both Alex Jones and Infowars will be barred from using Twitter and Periscope, the broadcasting service owned by Twitter.

Twitter announced the ban in a series of tweets on Thursday afternoon, writing, “We took this action based on new reports of Tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy, in addition to the accounts’ past violations.”

Jones Was Banned for a Video He Made Yesterday, While He Was in Washington, DC to Watch Jack Dorsey Testify to Congress

Jones was reportedly making a stink — and raising a ruckus — in the halls of Congress on Wednesday, even ahead of his Twitter ban. The Infowars broadcaster was in town to attend the Congressional hearing about Twitter, in which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified.

Jones apparently stood behind reporters as they did their stand-ups and yelled “Inforwars dot com!” into their camera. He also got into a bit of a fight with Marco Rubio, who claimed not to know who Jones even was.

But the trouble may have really come to a head when Jones confronted CNN reporter Oliver Darcy on Periscope.

Twitter hasn’t said exactly which video prompted them to ban Alex Jones. But Infowars says that “the encounter that started it all” was the interaction between Jones and CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, which happened in DC yesterday. You can watch that video here.

Other media reports are also speculating that Jones may have been banned because of a Periscope broadcast he made yesterday about his interaction with CNN reporter Oliver Darcy. CNN is reporting that on Wednesday, Jones “accosted” Darcy on Capitol Hill and broadcast the encounter on Periscope. Twitter owns Periscope and has now banned both Jones and Infowars from using the service.

Buzzfeed is reporting that the Periscope Wednesday showed Alex Jones and his camera men confronting Darcy while Jones said that Darcy was “the equivalent of like the Hitler Youth” and said he was “smiling like a possum that crawled out of the rear end of a dead cow.”

Jones and Darcy Already Have Bad Blood, Especially After Darcy Reported Jones to Twitter

Back in August, when Facebook and YouTube had already banned Alex Jones from their sites, CNN started to publicly ask why Twitter hadn’t banned Jones yet.

Oliver Darcy, CNN’s senior media reporter, made a special project out of investigating Twitter’s position on Alex Jones and Infowars. He contacted Twitter and asked them why, if Jones had put up the same content on their site as he had on Facebook and on YouTube, Jones had not been banned from Twitter.

At the time, Twitter said that Jones had not broken their rules, because their rules were still “evolving.” Twitter’s Vice President for Trust and Safety, Del Harvey, explained that Jones had posted the offensive material at a time when it was still permitted by Twitter’s rules. Oliver Darcy said he was unsatisfied by the explanation, and continued to push for Twitter to take down the offensive material. You can read more about Darcy’s take on Alex Jones here.

Infowars Says the Ban Happened Because Jones ‘Confronted His Censor’

Alex Jones doesn’t have a lot of outlets left. After his ban on Twitter Thursday afternoon, he (or one of his supporters) took to to write — very briefly — about being barred from Twitter and Periscope.

“This is what happens when you confront your censor,” his headline reads. The full article, just two sentences long, says, “Alex Jones was permanently banned from Twitter Thursday afternoon, a day after he faced his accusers in Washington, DC, who were lobbying to have him silenced online. A full statement from Alex Jones is coming soon – please check back.”

Alex Jones’ Periscope page, which once described itself as “the most banned video in the world,” is no unavailable. The Google result is still up, but clicking on the link will just bring you to a message reading “404 Page Not Found.”

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