Utah Fire Map: List of Fires Near Me Right Now [September 18]

Utah Fire Info Utah Fire Near Me

Unfortunately, fires are still a problem in Utah. Here is a list of the major active fires on September 18, according to Utah Fire Info, NIFC.gov, and other sources, along with maps on where the larger ones are located. Read on to learn more details and see maps of the fires in the Utah area.

You can view a map of all the Utah fires here. This map is being constantly updated. You can see a screenshot of Utah Fire Info’s current map below:

Utah Fire Map

Utah Fire InfoUtah Fire Map

Bald Mountain Fire & Pole Creek Fire

Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fire map

InciwebPole Creek and Bald Mountain Fire map

Some sources are grouping the Bald Mountain fire, in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, and the Pole Creek fire together, and other sources (like Inciweb) are grouping them separately. (However, Inciweb sometimes reports on the fires together, too.) The fires are very close to one another.

The Bald Mountain fire is 14,886 acres as of September 17, and 7 miles northeast of Mona. The fire was caused by lightning and is 0 percent contained.

Meanwhile, the Pole Creek Fire is 71,873 acres and 23 percent contained. This fire was caused by lightning. It’s 12 miles NE of Nephi, Utah, off Mount Nebo Loop road.

Many sources are now saying the two fires have merged into one. You can see an interactive map on Google for the two fires, including evacuation details, below:

Inciweb is also providing an interactive map here.

On September 17, fire officials could aggressively attack the fire thanks to a reprieve in Red Flag conditions, Inciweb noted. No primary structures have been lost yet.

An information meeting is tonight at 6 p.m. at Salem High School auditorium/Salem Hills High School gym.

Evacuation Details: Evacuations have been issued in the area which include more than 5,000 residents. The Utah County Sheriff’s Department notes that the following evacuations and closures are in place:

  • Santaquin Canyon is closed.
  • Payson Canyon is closed.
  • Nebo Loop Road at SR-132 in Nephi Canyon is closed.
  • US Highway 89, in Spanish Fork Canyon, is closed from mile 312, at Thistle Junction, to mile 298, at the Utah /Sanpete County line.
  • Right Fork Hobble Creek Canyon is closed.
    • “All residents living along US HWY-89 in the area from Thistle Junction the Utah/Sanpete County Line. (This has always been the evacuation area, but a certain PIO mis-stated the south edge of the closure!)”
    • “All residents in the Covered Bridge community near the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon.”
    • Utah County’s Facebook page also notes that Diamond Fork, Sheep Creek, and Right Fork Hobble Creek Canyon are on the mandatory evacuation list as of September 17.
    • Residents living in the cities of Woodland Hills and Elk Ridge may also be under an evacuation notice (see the map below.)

Let Fork Hobble Creek Canyon is under a pre-evacuation notice.

An evacuation center is set up at Salem Hills High School at 150 Skyhawk Blvd. in Salem. Self-sufficient campers, trailers, and RVs can also park in the parking lot of the high school, and evacuees will have access to bathrooms 24 hours a day. The Utah County Sheriff’s Department’s website states: “For residents in these areas who have urgent need to get to their home (For medications or to remove pets or livestock, for example), access points are set up at 11200 S Woodland Hills Drive for Woodland Hills, and 11200 S Elk Ridge Drive (1600 West) for Elk Ridge. Access to Covered Bridge may not be available because of ongoing fire operations. A Deputy will escort those who have these needs.”

You can stay updated on evacuations by visiting alerts.utahcounty.gov or following @SGTCannonPIO on Twitter. You can also call 801-404-1912 with questions about evacuation orders.

The following is a map of evacuation zones for the two fires, indicating what areas are evacuated and which are under pre-evacuation status. This map was uploaded to Inciweb today and you can see the full version here.

Pole Creek and Bald Mountain evacuation zone map

InciwebPole Creek and Bald Mountain evacuation zone map

Closures, according to Inciweb, include: “US Highway 6 is closed at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon (Milepost 178) to the junction with US Highway 191 (Milepost 239) just north of Helper. US Highway 89 is closed at the Thistle Junction on Highway 6 to the Utah/Sanpete county line (Milepost 297 – 312). See the Utah Department of Transportation website for more information: http://commuterlink.utah.gov/CLVALertViewer.aspx?CLType-1

To stay updated, you can visit the Bald Mountain Fire Facebook page here or the U.S. Forest Service Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Facebook page here.

Bear Trap Fire

This fire is 12,246 acres and 25 percent contained, according to NIFC. It’s 44 miles southeast of Price. It was caused by lightning. The last update from the BIA Forestry & Wildland Fire – Uintah &  Ouray Agency, on September 11, noted that hot and dry weather patterns were causing the Bear Trap fire to show smoke and increased activity, although the acreage itself had not increased. The fire was started by lightning.

The fire is just north of Bear Trap Knoll, and west of Big Springs in Hill Creek. It’s on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, KUTV reported. Here’s the approximate location of the reservation:

This next map is about a month old but it’s the most recent map we have of the fire. The fire may be about 2,000 acres larger since this map:

BIA ForestryBear Trap Fire

Black Fire

This fire is 800 acres, according to Utah Fire Info’s map, but it’s not on NIFC’s list. No additional information about the fire is known.

Coal Hollow Fire

This fire is 31,661 acres and 96 percent contained as of September 16. It’s listed on Utah Fire Info’s map but not on NIFC’s list. It’s 11 miles northeast of Price and 15 miles southeast of Spanish Fork, Utah. It was caused by lightning. It’s near SR-6 and Dairy Fork. The fire was transitioned to a local team on August 30. Fire behavior is minimal.  The following is a Coal Hollow Closure map from earlier this week:


For updated details on this fire,call 435.427.0846 or 435.427.4849.

Cobblerest Fire

This fire is 100 acres and it’s listed on Utah Fire Info’s map but not on NIFC’s website. The U.S. Forest Service‘s last update about the fire was yesterday. It is burning on the north side of Mirror Lake Highway, 19 miles northeast of Kamas. There are no risks to lives or property at this time, and drivers are asked not to stop in the area of mile marker 18 to 22. It was first reported on September 15 between SR150 and Alexander Lake. Spring Canyon Road is closed at SR150 up to Washington Lake.

D1  Pondo Prescribed Fire

Utah Fire Info’s map lists the D1 Pondo Prescribed Fire, which apparently is scheduled for a burn on October 1 at 1 a.m. It’s 3,000 acres and is projected to end on November 15. It will include 1,400 acres in the Utah Fire Tower area and 800 acres in the Scraper Springs area, and a potential 800 acres north of Long Park Reservoir.

Herriman Fire

This fire started on September 15 and destroyed two homes before it was contained. The home was started when a juvenile was playing with a smoke bomb, Deseret News reported. It wasn’t a device that puts out sparks, but it was still enough, when in the grass, to start a fire. A GoFundMe was started for one family who lost their home in the fire.

Lonely Fire & Riggs Fire

Riggs and Lonely Fire Map

InciwebRiggs and Lonely Fire Map

The Lonely and Riggs fires in Bryce Canyon National Park are about 11 miles southwest of Cannonville. Inciweb has grouped them together and reports that the Riggs fire is 1,077 acres in size and 0 percent contained and the Lonely Fire is 788 acres. They were caused by lightning.

An area closure around the fires is in effect, but Highway 63 and roads leading into Bryce Canyon National Park are open, Inciweb noted. All businesses and visitor facilities are open.

Murdock Fire

This fire in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is 601 acres and 90 percent contained, according to Inciweb and NIFC. It’s 20 miles east of Kamas.

Pole Canyon Fire

Pole Canyon Fire Closure Map

InciwebPole Canyon Fire Closure Map

This fire is in Fishlake National Forest. It’s 365 acres and 50 percent contained, according to Inciweb. It’s 10 miles northeast of Loa at 38.464 latitude, -111.489 longitude. It’s listed on NIFC but Inciweb is no longer updating details about the fire.

Slate Fire

This fire is 272 acres and 0 percent contained. It’s in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and is six miles east of Kamas, according to NIFC.

Welder Fire

This fire is not on NIFC’s list but it’s on the Utah Fire Info map. It’s 100 acres in size, reported on September 16. Not much else is known about the fire. It’s on the far upper right side of Utah.