Virginia Traffic Updates & Road Conditions for Hurricane Florence

virginia road conditions

Google Maps With Virginia's emergency site routinely crashing, here's how to stay up to date on road conditions and traffic updates as Hurricane Florence looms.

Virginia is one of three states that has declared a state of emergency for Hurricane Florence, a category 4 hurricane that’s estimated to make landfall late Thursday night.

For those Virginia residents looking to evacuate prior to the hurricane’s landfall, here’s what you need to know about traffic updates and road conditions as of Tuesday, September 11.

Standstill Traffic Expected on 64-W Throughout the Day

One of Virginia’s major highways, 64-W, has been extremely congested throughout the day, with hundreds of Twitter users reporting dead-stop traffic. Similarly to North Carolina, 64-E will be shut down at noon on Wednesday in favor of two lanes allowing western-bound traffic, which should alleviate some of the congestion.

As of Tuesday,  VDOT has lifted lane closures on interstates 64 and 664. Additionally, High Occupancy Toll lanes on I-64 will run in the westbound direction throughout the local emergency, regardless of occupancy in the vehicle.

For Now, Only ‘Zone A’ Residents Required to Evacuate

virginia traffic conditions

Virginia Department of Emergency EvacuationVirginia ‘Know Your Zone’ Evacuation Map

For now, only residents in Zone A for Virginia are advised to evacuate, though those in Zones B, C and D should stay on top of updates by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

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