Dylan Gonzalez, Josh Gordon’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

josh gordons girlfriend dylan gonzalez

Getty/Dylan Gonzalez Instagram Josh Gordon has reportedly been dating Dylan Gonzalez since early October

Josh Gordon is reportedly dating Insta-famous model and former basketball player Dylan Gonzalez as of early October, per an initial report by BSO. 

Neither Gonzalez nor Gordon have confirmed the rumors, but Sports Gossip also obtained footage of Gonzalez wearing Gordon’s jersey during a recent Patriots game that she attended.

Here’s what you need to know about Gonzalez.

1. Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez Are Known as ‘Dyl-Kota,’ the Gonzalez Twins

The Gonzalez twins are known for their Insta-fame, as well as their several partnerships and brand spots. Though they quit college their senior year to pursue other opportunities, they are reportedly both training to play in the WNBA, currently.

According to Slam Online, the Gonzalez twins are looking to be signed by the Las Vegas Aces in 2019, by the time of the tipoff in May. To ESPN’s Jeremy Shaap on his podcast, “The Sporting Life,” Gonzalez lamented how difficult it is to try to do multiple things with your life, and that her goal was to show more people how multifaceted a career can be. She said, “Ultimately, what we’re doing is blazing this trail, so that way people can see that it is possible, that you can do it.”

She continued, “I’m grateful for that responsibility. I know there have been so many people who have been successful in sports or music but haven’t quite done it at the same time or haven’t been able to make that crossover and be taken just as seriously. You kind of get compartmentalized. Hopefully, as times continue to shift and change, people are able to see athletes or people who want to do multiple things in each one of those realms as a brand entirely.”

2. Gonzalez Played Basketball at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas With Her Sister, Dakota

Before she became an Instagram model and influencer, Dylan Gonzalez was playing basketball at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas with her twin sister, Dakota. However, the Gonzalez twins eventually chose to forgo their last year of school (and athletic eligibility) in order to pursue their burgeoning social media careers, which included Under Armour deals, an eBay commercial, and the creation of a clothing line, to name a few ventures. Since NCAA athletes have strict rules regarding pursuing and profiting off of external interests, they made the choice to leave basketball behind in favor of their new careers.

Dylan said to the Las Vegas Review-Journal of their decision. “For me I think the rules and regulations are 100 percent the reason why we didn’t want to continue to play. We personally felt like if we would have been able to take on the opportunities outside of basketball, then we would have still continued to commit ourselves to playing for the last year that we had.”

She added, “The decision was never easy. It was really just frustrating because you kind of start to think, ‘Why does this even have to be a decision that’s made?’ I should be able to do all of these things and be everything that I want to be.”

3. Gonzalez Said That Her Workout Videos Get the Most Attention on Instagram

Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez aka Dyl-Kota Reveal How They Got Popular, Instagram Direct Messages, more* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content * Idaho born/Vegas residing twins, UNLV basketball teammates and singing duo, Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez aka Dyl-Kota, sit down with DJ Smallz and explore their Instagram, how they got popular, their strategy, what they receive in their direct messages and from who, how they deal with hateful or negative comments,…2016-09-24T20:21:18.000Z

Gonzalez, who started out on Instagram just to connect with her friends and soon was receiving 5,000 new followers per post, now has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She said that her workout videos tend to get the most attention, in an interview alongside her sister with DJ Smallz Eyes 2 in 2016 (as seen above.)

Gonzalez said, “I would say a lot of workout stuff…[a lot of] our followers are probably guys.”

Dakota added, “Ones that definitely show off the hard work we’ve put in!”

In addition to her Instagram fame, Gonzalez is also extremely active on Snapchat, and has her own Snapchat series called “Dr. Dyl.” Of her series, she said, “It’s just, like, basically my own self-proclaimed psychology.”

4. Dylan Gonzalez Was the Source of Controversy When She Was Linked In a Love Triangle With Ben Simmons & Klay Thompson

Ben Simmons and Gonzalez reportedly dated in 2017 and have been linked in an on-again, off-again fashion since then. In June, though, Gonzalez was connected to Klay Thompson, and even posted some cryptic comments to social media about her support for the Warriors in June. However, Gonzalez has never commented publicly on the matter.

Another mega-star linked to the Gonzalez twins is fellow rapper and basketball-lover Drake. Drake went to watch one of the Gonzalez sisters’ games at Pepperdine in 2016. Nothing public seems to have come of that relationship, though, either.

5. The Gonzalez Twins Reportedly Were Pursuing a Music Career Prior to Working Towards the WNBA

Dyl-Kota – Nobody Knows Lyrics (Dakota Gonzalez & Dylan Gonzalez) (Dyl & Kota Gonzalez)Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez are two sexy basketball players who have also been pursuing a career in music. They have been playing basketball for UNLV and have attracted the attention of Anthony Davis, Drake, and Aaron Gordon. instagram.com/misss_kota instagram.com/miss_dyl [LYRICS] [Verse 1: Dyl] The thing that's on my mind is you Have you been thinking…2016-03-30T22:42:49.000Z

When Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez declared their intentions to bypass their last year of athletic eligibility in order to pursue their dreams, one of those dreams led to a recording studio. NCAA restrictions on student athletes were reportedly the source of their decision to forgo their last year of eligibility, according to Dylan. To SLAM Magazine, she said, “Initially it’s scary because you understand in the back of your head that you’re going up against something that’s bigger than you. We definitely tried to challenge the system a little bit to make both music and basketball work.”

She continued, “At the end of the day, the only thing they would allow us to do was sing the national anthem at a game and make music in our home,” said Dylan. “It just became this fight as to why we wouldn’t do anything outside of basketball without all of these ticky-tack regulations coming into play. It just became so stressful.”

The twins dropped their debut EP, Take 1, in June of 2017. It’s unclear if the twins are still pursuing music careers.

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