Hurricane Michael Landfall Near Mexico Beach: Watch Live Stream & Videos

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Hurricane Michael made landfall just northwest of Mexico Beach, Florida, the National Hurricane Center reported. Some local news media reported that Michael had strengthened to 155 mph winds just before landfall. Typically, hurricanes lose strength just before landfall, but Michael was an unusual exception that intensified before landfall. Here are videos and reports from Mexico Beach, Florida. Some are live streams, but they go down frequently due to the storm. Others are videos from previous reports from the area. This is a developing story.

Mexico Beach is a city in Bay County, Florida with a population of just a little over 1,000, according to a 2010 census. It’s part of the Panama City-Lynn Haven area.

Meteorologist Ginger Zee is reporting live from Mexico Beach, Florida. Here’s a video she shared as the storm approached.

She later tweeted that she saw a house pushed off its foundation from the storm surge in Mexico Beach:

She said that as the storm approached, her ears were popping from the 919 MB pressure drop. Her Twitter account is a good resource for staying updated live about Mexico Beach in Florida.

This is a video from Mexico Beach earlier today, a couple hours before landfall. You can see the waves increasing as the storm approaches:

10 AM CDT Update From Mexico Beach, FL (10/10/18):Ocean waters continue to rise with the ominous approach of extremely powerful hurricane Michael!2018-10-10T15:01:37.000Z

Storm Chasing Videos’ YouTube channel has been live streaming periodically from near Mexico Beach. Here’s one video that is live at the moment, but may go down due to the storm:

Category 5 Hurricane Michael Live Stream, Destin To Mexico Beach, Florida – 10/10/2018*** Update *** Made it out alive and back to the hotel. Truck took a beating but it got me out of the damage path. LIVE intercept of Hurricane Michael. Mexico beach Florida. We will try and keep the live feed up and running as long as possible. Hurricane Michael is now a Category Four…2018-10-10T23:44:19.000Z

Storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski is also live streaming from Mexico Beach. Here’s a video from earlier showing extreme damage to a gas station in the city:

Meanwhile, someone on Twitter shared that they were watching a live stream on Nest and saw a roof blown off a building in Mexico Beach:

From early reports, it appears there is major devastation in parts of Mexico Beach:

Here you can see a tree being uprooted in Panama City:

Others are saying this may be Toucan’s at Mexico Beach, but this has not been confirmed:

This video, from Brett Adair’s YouTube channel, shows a house being destroyed by the storm:

10/10/2018 Panama City Beach, Florida Hurricane Michael Explodes Houses Into Pieces***NOT FOR BROADCAST*** Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license. Devastating damage in Panama City Beach Florida from Hurricane Michael as houses explode2018-10-10T18:07:47.000Z

Here is another screenshot of a live stream from Mexico Beach:

This is a developing story.

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