WATCH: Firehawk Helicopter Records Terrifying Malibu Fire [Videos]

The Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Fire Air Operations Firehawk helicopter surveys the fiery inferno threatening Malibu. In the video shared by the LACOFD to Twitter, on its way to help fight the furious blaze, the Firehawk chopper records the fearsome wall of flames heading west from the Santa Monica mountains toward Malibu.

The LACOFD “helicopter flying along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on the way to protect life and property. This is a historic event. Please follow the direction of local authorities,” the LACOFD tweeted.

The LACOFD, the Ventura County Fire Department and scores of other agencies from neighboring states and beyond have been fighting the Woolsey fire since early Thursday afternoon. The Woolsey fire began in Thousand Oaks in Ventura County and moved west toward the Pacific coast and is now burning in Malibu. Earlier today, a brush fire burned in Griffith Park near the L.A. Zoo. The deadly Camp fire in Northern California has claimed at least six lives.

The Woolsey fire raced west taking acreage and homes with it. And, the fire took Western Town at the Paramount Ranch in Agoura. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area tweeted about the fire there.

And CBS News provided footage of the fire at Aqoura that claimed the Hollywood set seen in the show ‘Westworld.’

Nearly 100,000 homes have been evacuated in Los Angeles and Ventura counties and more than 35,000 acres have burned.

Mark Ghilarducci, director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, said in a Friday morning news conference that the “magnitude of the destruction that we are seeing is really, again, unbelievable and heartbreaking, and our hearts go out to everybody who has been affected by this and impacted.”

At once frightening and awe-inspiring images have been shared of the Woolsey fire as it made its way toward the coast. This image has been viewed by tens of thousands.

Many have fled to the beach and taken their animals with them. Zuma Beach is packed, and smoky, but apparently safe. This image of llamas tied to a lifeguard chair is otherworldly.

This video captures a steel and asphalt bridge on the Mullholland Highway in Malibu burning and buckling.

It was reported Friday evening that a number of houses on Woolsey Canyon Road were “fully involved,” firefighter vernacular for engulfed in fire. Reports of Hollywood taking cover, friends’ homes leveled and smoldering, a school destroyed, “snowing ash from the forest fires and the sky is purple and the sun is maroon,” reported, and a general sense of terror and dread.

Here’s a map of the Woolsey fire.

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