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Micah Tice, an Air Force Academy cadet candidate, has been missing in Colorado since possibly going hiking on Sunday, November 24. He was last heard from when he called his parents that Friday night. Officials are worried that he may have gone hiking in dangerous conditions. However, his mother has said that he was familiar with the trail and had packed thousands of dollars’ worth of survival equipment so he could live in very dangerous conditions if necessary. Here is what you need to know about Tice and what we know so far about what happened.

1. Tice Was Last Seen on Thanksgiving, & He Was Last Heard From When He Called His Parents on Friday Night, November 23


Micah Tice, 20, was last seen on Thanksgiving night, CBS Denver reported. He told his sponsor family that he was going to work on homework that night and perhaps take a hike. (The Cadet Sponsor Program

is a home-away-from-home for cadets, where Academy supporters provide mentoring and friendship to cadets.)

On Friday around 9 p.m., he called his parents in Nevada and that’s the last time anyone has heard from him, KKTV reported. He had planned to do homework and possibly go for a hike on Saturday. The National Park Service said there was a lot of snow on Saturday, cold temperatures, and extremely high winds.

Janice Tice, Micah’s mother, told News 3LV that she knew something was wrong when the Air Force Academy called and said he didn’t show up to the base when he was supposed to. “He would be there on the dot, or well before.”

Tice is 5’11” and has dark hair and brown eyes. He was hiking alone.

If you have any information on Tice or if you were in the Longs Peak area since Saturday, November 24, please call the Rocky Mountain National Park at 970-586-1204.

2. His Phone Was Tracked to Woodman & I-25, & His Car Was Found at Longs Peak Trailhead. Hikers Later Said They Hiked with Him at Rocky Mountain National Park.


Tice’s phone signal was last received on Saturday, tracked to Woodman Avenue and Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs, CBS Denver reported. On Monday afternoon, his car was found at the Longs Peak Trailhead. It’s not known where he planned to hike.

Search crews have been searching the Longs Peak area, CBS Denver reported, but strong winds forced them to keep their search below 12,000 feet on Wednesday. Air operations were also grounded because of the winds. They’ve been searching the Longs Peak Trail, East Longs Peak Trail, Granite pass, and Jim’s Grove areas, along with Estes Cone, the Boulder Brook Trail, the Storm Pass area, and the Roaring Fork Drainage area.

Tice’s mother, Janice, told KRDO that she hopes search and rescue teams will be able to use a helicopter with FLIR technology that detects heat.

A group of Rocky Mountain National Park visitors told officials that they hiked with him for a while that Saturday, News 3LV reported. They said he told them he had started from Longs Peak Trailhead at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. They last saw him between 7:30 and 8 a.m. around the Battle Mountain area, and the weather was getting worse.

3. Tice Had Hiked This Trail Before & Had All the Equipment Necessary for Cold Weather Survival, Including a Life Straw & a Shelter That Works Beneath Snow


Tice’s mother, Janice, posted on Facebook that her son was familiar with this route. She said he had hiked this trail with several groups before, and he purposefully wanted to go while it was snowing. She said he researched the hike and had purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment for survival, including a Life Straw to be able to drink the snow. He also had a shelter for surviving underneath snow. Here is what she wrote:

“I just got this information from my son Joshua who talk to Micah back in July. This is amazing information.  Micah has all the tools necessary to survive and he researched this hike before attempting alone he had let me know about this when I was in Colorado for school. He has hiked this trail with several groups before and he wanted to go on the hike while it was snowing because he said it is unlike anything that you can see in a picture. He purchased several thousands of dollars worth of equipment and has brought many MRE’s he has a life straw to drink from anything including snow. He has the tools to make a fire in snow and he has medical supplies for self administered first aid. He researched the weather in advance and chose to go before the weather drops below zero. he also has a shelter thing that can go underneath snow. He will survive and we will find him. Continue to pray and share.”

4. Longs Peak Is One of the Most Dangerous Peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, & Another Student Is Still Missing There from Early October


Longs Peak is the Rocky Mountain National Park’s only fourteener, making it one of the most popular but also one of the most dangerous peaks in the park, the Coloradoan reported. The standard Keyhole route on Longs can include more than 15 miles of hiking and difficult terrain, Roots Rated shared. The outing takes about 10 to 15 hours. Best practices recommend getting to the Keyhole portion of the hike around 2 to 3 a.m., accounting for a 12-hour round trip.

A computer science student from New Jersey who was hiking Longs Peak in early October, Ryan Albert, is still missing, the Coloradoan reported. After searching for Albert for 28 days, crews had to suspend their efforts on November 2 until the summer.

In the late summer, Jens “Jay” Yambert, 60, died after taking a 200-foot fall at nearly 13,000 feet on Longs Peak.

5. Tice’s Family Has Set Up a Facebook Page for the Search & Is Accepting Donations

Micah Tice’s family has set up a Facebook page specifically dedicated to his search here. His mother has requested that any correspondence be directed to findmichahtice@gmail.com. In addition, the family is seeking outside help with the rescue, including additional teams, agencies, and private helicopters. If you would like to contribute to the rescue operations, you can donate to paypal.me/janicetice.

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