Skeleton of Missing Man Found Buried in Family’s Basement

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The Carroll family may not have skeletons in the closet– but it turns out there was one buried in the basement for nearly 60 years.

Michael Carroll owns the family home in Lake Grove on Long Island, New York. He was a baby when his father mysteriously vanished in 1961. Carroll and his older siblings never learned any clues about what could have happened to George Carroll.

Michael Carroll explained to local ABC affiliate WABC-TV that the family had always speculated that the family patriarch was dead and buried somewhere in the house. “It didn’t just come up overnight, it’s something that’s been talked about for years.” He did not go into detail about why the family thought this was a possibility.

To satisfy his curiosity, Carroll said he hired a company to take a closer look at the basement using radar technology. After completing this, Carroll and his sons made the decision to dig out the basement. The excavation went on for a few years. Then late in the evening on October 30, 2018, they made a stunning discovery under the concrete: skeletal remains. Carroll told the TV station the skeleton was deep underground; they dug more than 6 feet down to find it. They called police the next day.

Investigators in Suffolk County told WNBC-TV that experts including a medical examiner and a forensic anthropologist were called out to the Long Island home to do analysis. Police said DNA tests will be used to determine the identity of the remains. Homicide Detective Kevin Beyrer told Newsweek, “We can’t say for sure that it is the father, but we suspect that it is.”

Carroll says he is confident he finally found his father, and says he wants to bury the remains in Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island. He told WPIX, “If it is him, all I can tell you is that it’s the happiest day of my life because I always thought he deserved better.”

If the bones do belong to George Carroll, that only solves one aspect of the mystery. What exactly happened to the man is likely to remain unsolved. His wife, Dorothy Carroll, died in 1998. Her sons say Dorothy never filed a missing person report and did not often speak about her husband.

Michael Carroll told WABC-TV that the family has an idea about a possible killer, but would not share a name. He says that person has also been dead for many years.

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