Alex McNabb: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alex McNabb is an EMT in Virginia. But in his spare time, McNabb is also a blogger and a co-host on a racist, alt-right podcast The Daily Shoah, where he talks about issues like “the decline of the white population” and “the migrant invasion.” The Daily Shoah has been called a “neo-Nazi” podcast, and the co-hosts often use racist language and “joke” that they wish they had slave labor; they also peddle conspiracy theories about Israel.

McNabb, a frequent co-host on the show, uses graphic and racist language to describe his African American patients. He compares African American patients to animals and makes “jokes” about abusing them.

On November 26, someone sent an anonymous complaint about McNabb to the Virginia Department of Health. A department spokesperson said that they were “investigating” McNabb and his views. He is still in the job while his investigation is carried out. Here’s what you need to know:

1. McNabb Called His African American Patients ‘Dindus’ & Said They Were Like Animals Who Hate the Cold

The Huffington Post reports thay McNabb often talks about his work as an EMT on the Daily Shoah. He likes to put on a persona which he calls “Dr Narcan” to talk about his patients. (McNabb insists that the Narcan persona is just a joke.)

Dr. Narcan refers to his African American patients as “”dindus,” a racist term used by members of the far-right. He said that it’s “hard to find a dindu vein, because they’re black.” In one episode, Dr. Narcan refered to a building which, he said, housed many immigrants from Africa, and said that he and his fellow EMTs refer to it as “Ebola Alley.”

During another episode, Dr. Narcan explicitly compared his patients to animals. “The heat brings out the wild in the dindu,” he said, adding that, “as winter approaches, the animals go into hibernation and the ridiculousness of the [911] calls goes down.”

2. McNabb Says He Is ‘Totally Open’ About His Views & His Employer Knows He Went to Charlottesville

During an episode of the Daily Shoah, McNabb and his co-hosts we’re discussing what they call the “alt-light cuckservatives” who disguise their real political views to try and fit in the the mainstream. McNabb bragged thathe never uses a fake identity or tries to disguise his political beliefs. He boasted that he is completely honest about his politics and that his employer knows that he “went to Charlottesville” for the massive white nationalist protest back in 2016.

But McNabb’s employers may not be as understanding as he thinks. On November 26, the Virginia Department of Health received an anonymous tip about McNabb’s racist statements. He is now under investigation and may lose his job, although he remains on the job while the investigation is in process.

3. McNabb Retweeted a Picture Depicting Migrants as Apes, Calling it ‘Brave’

McNabb tweeted about the viral photo that showed a group of would-be migrants running away from tear gas near the US Mexican border. The photo showed a mother, holding her children by the hand, in the foreground, while others are running behind them. McNabb first put up the photo and wrote, “ This photo is a perfect example of a journalistic back-fire. No one wants this fat Honduran with her screaming children and those gross, cellulite swaddled upper arms to come into our country. Her gut is hanging out and she’s sticking out her tongue, this is a complete mess.”

Immediately afterwards, McNabb retweeted a touched-up version of the photo which seemed to turn the migrants into hairless animals with huge ears and grotesque mouths. McNabb wrote, “stunning. Brave.”

4. McNabb Says If He Loses His Job, His Whole Region Will Suffer

McNabb has been using his Twitter account to slam Christopher Mathias, the Huffington Post reporter who wrote about the Department of Health investigation into him. McNabb insists that there is a desperate lack of healthcare providers in his region and that people will be left to die in the streets if he is taken off the job.

In an episode of “The Right Stuff,” McNabb mentioned that his wife is about to start a job as an EMT, an announcement which led to lots of “jokes” about how women shouldn’t learn how to drive or vote. You can hear the episode here; there’s a long “joking” discussion over whether the co-hosts should allow their wives to vote.

McNabb often posts pictures of his infant son and describes taking him out for hikes in the countryside; he also tweets fondly about his wife.

5. McNabb Says All Statues of Martin Luther King Should Be Torn Down

McNabb doesn’t hide his beliefs on social media. He often makes fun of the Jewish religion, or jabs as immigrants. Recently he wrote about his views on Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. He wrote, “ I hope to see a day when the statues and references to Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln are torn down and their imagery forever banned from the public square.”

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