Marvin Bush, George Bush’s Youngest Son, Mourns His Father

Getty Marvin Bush at his father's arrival ceremony at the Capitol.

Marvin Bush, George H.W. Bush’s youngest son, is mourning the passing of his father. The American businessman has not said much publicly about his father’s death, but he has been at every service, bidding his beloved father goodbye.

George and Barbara’s youngest son, Marvin was born in 1956. He was named after his maternal grandfather, Marvin Pierce, and attended the University of Virginia. He’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, even if it might make him a little unpopular.

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Getty(L-R) Former president George Bush, Laura Bush, Jeb Bush, Jeb’s wife Columba Bush, Neil Bush, his wife Maria, and Marvin Bush listen to Vice President Mike Pence speak during an arrival ceremony for their father.

For example, in 2016 he chose to endorse Libertarian Gary Johnson for President instead of President Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, after Jeb left the race. He said of his decision: “That’s why I’m voting Libertarian. A hundred percent … both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were each successful two-term governors who balanced their budgets, so they’re fiscally conservative, and their essential message is ‘get bureaucracy off our backs,’ which used to be a part of what the Republicans believed.”

His Daughter, Marshall Bush, Was with His Dad When He Died

Marvin is married to Margaret Conway and they have two children that they adopted in Fort Worth: their daughter Marshall Lloyd (born 1986) and their son Charles Walker (born 1989).

Marshall was with her grandfather when he passed. She told Today about her grandfather’s passing: “I know he’s back with our grandmother and our aunt Robin, so I’m happy he’s happy… A bunch of our family and best family friends were there (when he died). Everyone was touching him and holding him, and we just wanted to make sure that he knew we loved him as much as he loved us, and making sure he wasn’t alone.”

The grandchildren called Bush “Gampy” and loved him dearly.

His Son, Charles Bush, Generated Controversy When He Posted About Guns on Instagram

Charles, Marvin’s son, was born on December 12, 1989, and served in the Marines. He has an Instagram account, but it’s now private after he generated quite a bit of controversy from some of his posts. In March 2018, he posted a photo of his four assault rifles and wrote “Just to p*** the snowflakes off. Have fun trying to take them,” Daily Mail reported. He tagged the photo #MarchForOurLives, #assaultisaverbnotanadjective, and #ar15and posted it on the day of a big gun law protest. When someone inquired about his post, he said: “I’m sympathetic to anyone who has lost a loved one, friend, or anyone they know to senseless violent acts. However, I find it ironic that the same people who claim our government is corrupt and tyrannical are the same ones calling for that same government to take away the given right to protect themselves against that government.”

But Charles also used his Instagram, which is now private, to post lovingly about his family and his grandparents. He once posted a tribute to his grandfather on George H.W. Bush’s birthday. He wrote: “Happy 91st Birthday to this stud. If I can grow up to be even half the man that he is, then I’ll have done it right.”

Marvin Was Nicknamed ‘Marvelous’ By His Family

Marvin was nicknamed “Marvelous,” by his family, The New York Times reported. While his brother was President, he would go to the White House to watch sports, and he spent weekends at Camp David. He wasn’t into politics like Jeb and George were.

He was the director of HCC Insurance Holdings, and has appeared in the documentar Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story. He was also on the board for SECURACOM from 1993 to 2000.

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