Brothers Nicholas & Mark Mahabir, Both 20, Charged in Murder of Riley Driver-Martin, 14

Nicholas and Mark Mahabir.

Twitter/Nicholas and Mark Mahabir. Brothers Nicholas and Mark Mahabir are charged with the murder of Riley Driver-Martin, 14, of Mississauga, Ontario. The boy's body was found Friday morning in a park lane near a school located not far from his home.

Police have made an arrest in connection with the murder of a 14-year-old boy in Mississauga Friday. Riley Driver-Martin, a secondary school student was found dead in a cul-de-sac near a park and school in the city on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Investigators from the Peel Regional Police Homicide and Missing Persons Bureauarrested and charged Nicholas Mahabir, a 20-year-old man from Mississauga, with second-degree murder.

Nicholas Mahabir'

Nicholas Mahabir’s Instagram profile photo.

Mahabir appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice Saturday, Dec. 8 for a bail hearing.

Meanwhile, late Saturday, police said they had an arrest warrant and were looking for Mark Mahabir, Nicholas Mahabir’s brother. Police say Mark Mahabir, also wanted for second-degree murder, is dangerous. Mahabir was described as male, South Asian, 5’8”, 97 lbs., black hair, and brown eyes, police said and at the time, added a caution that anyone helping him in “evading arrest, may be arrested and subject to prosecution.”

“Mark Mahabir is considered a danger to the public. If he is located, do not approach and call 911 immediately,” Peel Regional Police said.

Saturday night at around 9 p.m., police reported that Mark Mahabir turned himself in.

Mark and Nicholas are two of three triplets; the third brother, Steven, is reported to not be involved, according to

According to his Facebook page, Mark Mahabir became a father in the summer of 2016 at age 18.

The mother of Mahabir’s child, Melissa Budgell, shared a post on Facebook about a vigil being held for Driver-Martin. She wrote, “No one deserves to die! Especially a 14 year old who hasn’t even lived his life yet pretty pathetic that most you are talking shit about Someone who is not with us anymore. Fly high riley 🕊🙏🏻”

She has deleted her Facebook.

It appears that she and Mahabir are no longer a couple.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and have appealed for witnesses, video surveillance or anyone with information to contact authorities.

Driver-Martin’s body was discovered in a residential neighborhood Friday morning by a passerby. His is the 25th homicide in the Greater Toronto Area this year.

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Driver-Martin was a student at nearby Clarkson Secondary School.

Police told the Toronto Star that it was deemed a homicide based on “evidence of trauma to the victim’s body.” Police declined to comment further on whether there were weapons involved. Police did say they believe the boy “…left his nearby home, late evening on Thursday,” but it was not known if he was alone.

Police said his body was there overnight. He was not reported missing, police told local media.

“My heart goes out to the family of Riley Martin. It is scary when it happens on your street. They will find out who did this to you and I look forward to helping get justice for Riley.”

“What is happening to our youth of to day and so close to xmass .his family and friends will be very saddened.and miss a very young man teen.”

“I know the kids name his name was Riley I used to go to school with him. I know this is him because my friends father was contacted by the victims parents and then told me about it.”

The Clarkson Secondary School principal sent home a letter to parents.

“I’m writing to inform you about an incident that took place in our school community,” wrote school principal Mary Zammit. “Our thoughts are with the family and those impacted at this difficult time. We will continue to provide updates on our school website if we receive any additional information. As always, please call the school to speak with an administrator, if you have questions or concerns.”

Zammit told parents that Driver-Martin’s death could affect students and offered counseling and tips on how best to support kids.

“Be aware of signs that your teen may need additional support to deal with this loss.”

Saturday afternoon, Mahabir appeared in court. As reported by Jennifer Pagliaro of the Toronto Star, he appeared briefly with an attorney. His case has been adjourned until next week, she reported. Mahabir was described as short with long hair and a beard.

It was also reported that Nicholas Mahabir appeared nonchalant in court but his attorney told local media that his client, while maintaining his innocence, is taking it seriously.


“Mahabir seemed to only take one glance into the back of the courtroom where his clearly shaken father, who came to the court by bus, was seated.

Bornfreund agreed to speak to the media on the father’s behalf and expressed his own personal sympathy for the ‘tragic’ death of Driver-Martin. The lawyer said he is waiting for more information from police before being able to comment further, saying, ‘I don’t know how police came up with his name.’”

Investigators are appealing for witnesses, video surveillance or anyone who may have information concerning this investigation to contact Peel Regional Police Homicide and Missing Persons Bureau at (905) 453-2121 Ext 3205. Information may also be left anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or by visiting

This is a developing story.



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