Shaun Hamblen Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shaun Hamblen Missing

Facebook Shaun Hamblen Missing

Shaun Hamblen was missing in Memphis since Thursday, November 29. Family and friends were incredibly concerned that the 23-year-old engaged man was abducted. He was last seen on surveillance footage getting into a Ford sedan that has not been identified. He had just gotten his hair cut with a buzz cut a few hours earlier, so his hair may be shorter than it appears in many photos circulating online. Sadly, his body has been found and two suspects have been charged in connection with his abduction. Here is what we know so far about what happened to Hamblen. At the end of the story is a GoFundMe link to help support his fiancee now that he is gone.

1. Two Suspects Were Arrested & Charged in Connection with Hamblen’s Disappearance, & His Mother Said that His Body Was Found

FacebookShaun Hamblen

Sadly, Hamblen’s body was found in early December, Fox 13 reported. Police received information that a body was found in the 3600 block of McDuff, a residential area about 10 miles away from where the gray car that Hamblen was seen getting into was found. Police have not confirmed the body’s identity, but his mother said on Facebook that his body was found.

Fox 13 reported that Alfonzo Amos and Deeric Walton were both arrested on December 6 in connection with Hamblen’s disappearance. Amos, 21, was charged with first-degree murder, murder in perpetration of a felony (aggravated robbery), and especially aggravated robbery.

Walton, 22, was charged with “convicted felon in possession of a handgun” (four counts) and possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

Police said that Amos admitted to taking part in Hamblen’s disappearance and taking several items of value from him. Amos also said that Hamblen was shot multiple times and died from his injuries.

2. Hamblen Was at LA Fitness on Thursday, November 29 But Didn’t Show Up for Dinner with Friends

FacebookTwo photos of Shaun Hamblen.

Hamblen was last seen leaving LA Fitness near Poplar and Perkins on Thursday night, November 29, around 5 p.m., WMC5 reported. He was supposed to have dinner with his fiancee and some friends after working out at the gym. But he never showed up and he never called. His fiancee said on Facebook that she last heard from him when he texted her about dinner on Thursday afternoon. About an hour before, a friend saw him getting a haircut, but nothing appeared unusual, and the woman who cut his hair confirmed on Facebook that she gave him a buzz cut around 1 p.m. on Thursday and freshened up his beard, so his hair may be shorter than many of the pictures seen online. 

His mother, Michelle Simpson, told WMC5 that this is very out of character for Hamblen. “He’s the kind of person who would absolutely check in. If I called him or texted him and he didn’t answer right away, he would call me back very quickly.”

3. His Car Was Found in a Parking Lot at the Mall Across the Street from LA Fitness

Shaun Hamblen

FacebookShaun Hamblen

On Friday, police found his car — a black 2013 G37 Infiniti — in a parking lot at Oak Court Mall, across the street from LA Fitness.

Hamblen is 5’11” and 150 pounds. (A missing persons post, however, listed him as being 6’1″ and 185 pounds.) He was last seen wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt.

4. Surveillance Video Showed Him Getting Into a Gray Ford on Thursday at Oak Court Mall

Car Hamblen was seen entering on Thursday

Memphis PoliceCar Hamblen was seen entering on Thursday

Surveillance video showed Hamblen getting into a gray or charcoal Ford on Thursday at Oak Court Mall, WMC5 reported, near Poplar Avenue and Perkins. Memphis police released photos of the car he was seen getting into and noted that it might be a Ford Focus.  You can see a photo of the car above. This may be the last time that Hamblen was seen.

The grey car was later connected to the two men who were arrested in connection with Hamblen’s disappearance.

5. Hamblen’s Family Offered a $16,000 Reward & Police Investigated the Disappearance as an Abduction from the Beginning

Shaun Hamblen

FacebookShaun Hamblen

A $16,000 reward was offered to anyone who knew where Hamblen was, WMC5 reported. The reward included $15,000 from his family on top of a $1,000 reward offered by Crime Stoppers.

Memphis Police said early on that his disappearance was being investigated as an abduction, which it ultimately was.

Hamblen’s family and friends were worried sick about him. His fiancee Kasey Elizabeth wrote on Facebook that he was a wonderful and good man and she missed him terribly. She wrote: “I just want him home so I can marry him and have his babies. I want to cuddle up to him and be goofy with him. All we do is laugh and cuddle. I’m so empty without him here with me. If you know anything at all please please please contact 528-CASH There is a reward of $16,000+ for him. Please bring him home.”

His mother Michelle Simpson wrote on Facebook, “Shaun has been missing since Thursday, late afternoon. He had dinner plans with his fiancée, Kasey Elizabeth and they were going to meet up with some friends. Anyone who knows Shaun, knows he loves to eat and hang out with his friends. He is not ‘running away’ for personal space. He has never vanished before. He is in grave danger. This I know for a fact… There is not an official search party. I would not be able to tell you where to look. If you have a feeling in your bones to go walk around XYZ place, feel free to do so. If you go searching and find something, don’t touch it, call 545-COPS.

Simpson relayed the heartbreaking news later that her “worst fears have been confirmed.”

A memorial fund has been set up for Sean’s fiance, Kasey, on GoFundMe here. The site reads: “She and Shaun were planning their new life together and now she cannot make ends meet on one income. We hope to raise $25,000 so that Kasey can move to a safe and affordable location and keep with her, the two dogs she adopted with Shaun. The funds will cover her living arrangements for a year so that she may begin to recover from Shaun’s death, both emotionally and financially, without fear of losing a roof over her head. In life, Shaun loved Kasey so much and in death, we honor his love by making sure she is taken of.”