Willie Newson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Willie Newson is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, stationed in Georgia. On Tuesday, Newson was arrested and charged with child exploitation, after an FBI sting involving an underage girl. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Authorities Say Newson Was Trying to Meet a 14 Year Old Girl in a Hotel Room

Authorities say that Newson, a 47 year old career Air Force officer, started an online relationship with someone he believed was a 14 year old girl. They say that Newson was getting ready to meet up with the girl at a hotel in Marietta, Georgia. That’s when authorities swooped in and arrested him.

In fact, there was no 14 year old girl. The person that Newson met on a dating app was an undercover agent for the FBI Metro Atlanta Child Exploitation Task Force posing as an underage girl as part of an FBI sex sting operation. It’s not clear whether Newson was specifically targeted, or whether other officers were also involved. Newson has been charged with child exploitation.

2. Newson Bailed Himself Out of Jail But Has Been Placed on Leave

Newson shelled out $20,000 to bail himself out of jail after his arrest on Thursday. An Air Force spokesperson said he had been placed on leave while his case was being adjudicated.

Georgia Department of Defense spokeswoman Desiree Bamba confirmed that Newson is on the command staff of the Georgia Air National Guard. He formerly commanded the 165th Communication Flight of the 165th Airlift Wing at Savannah Air National Guard Base.

3. Newson Was Arrested at a Radisson Hotel on Tuesday Night

Newson allegedly arranged to meet the person he believed was s 14 year old girl at the Radisson Hotel at 1775 Parkway Place in Marietta, Georgia. But when the Air Force officer arrived, he didn’t find a girl. Instead, he was arrested and taken to jail.

Newson was charged with child exploitation. He bailed himself out of prison for $20,000. He has been placed on leave while his case is processed.

4. Police Records Say Newson Was Given Multiple Chances to Back Out of the Conversation with an ‘Underage Girl’

According to an arrest warrant obtained by Channel 2 Action News, the said the undercover officer who was messaging with Newson “gave Newson the opportunity to stop communicating several times.” Apparently Newson didn’t take her up on the opportunity, but went on communicating with someone who he believed was a 14 year old girl.

Authorities say that Newson believed that he was messaging a 14 year old girl on a dating app and that he made plans to meet the girl at a Raddison hotel in Marietta, Georgia. But the “girl” in questions was, in fact, an undercover FBI agent. Newson was arrested at the Raddison on Tuesday night.

5. Newson Is Originally from Celebration, Florida

When Newson was arrested on Tuesday, he gave his home address as the Air Force base in Marietta, Georgia. Newson, 47, is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force.

He is originally from Celebration, Florida. According to his arrest warrant, Newson made plans to meet a 14 year old girl for oral sex at the Raddison Hotel in Marietta. Newson allegedly exchanged messages with the girl on a dating app. But in fact, there was no actual 14 year old girl. Newson was in contact with an undercover FBI agent. And when he turned up st the Raddison, he was arrested and charged with child exploitation.

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