All Clear After Reports of Active Shooter at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Nevada

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An active shooter at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Henderson, Nevada was reported by over a dozen Twitter users on Tuesday evening, with police on the scene.

According to WTOP News, police say security guards shot and killed an armed man after he was walking through the lobby, brandishing a handgun. Specifically, three security guards confronted the man, authorities said, and he drew his weapon, and then two of the guards shot the man.

WTOP reports that the man received medical care in the lobby of the casino, but he passed away due to his injuries.

According to KTNV, the man who was shot and killed was named as Shannon Michael Howell, 53, who also goes by the name of Michael Shannon Howell. An old mugshot of Howell was released.

Here’s what you need to know:

Howell’s Accused of Having a Suicide Note

The television station reported that Howell has an arrest history for driving under the influence of a controlled substance, burglary and attempted grand larceny. A police source later told Fox 5 Las Vegas that Howell had a suicide note. However, he did not fire this weapon, according to the television station. “A verbal exchange took place. It’s reported that the male produced a handgun,” said Lt. Kirk Moore with the Henderson Police Department, according to Fox 5.

The casino provided the following statement to the television station: “We’re grateful that our security team responded to this situation in a way which ensured the safety of our guests and team members. We’re very appreciative of Henderson Police Department’s assistance immediately after the incident and, as always, we will work cooperatively with them as part of any ongoing investigation.”

Twitter Users Reported an Active Shooter at Green Valley Casino, and Many People Were Evacuated from the Building on Wednesday Night

Per Fox Las Vegas, there was an immediate  police and emergency response to the situation and the casino was evacuated promptly. Additionally, Las Vegas Now, a CBS affiliate, confirmed a “big police presence” on Tuesday evening and that authorities were “investigating a situation” at the casino, but did not confirm any active shooter.

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