David Allen Boileau: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

David Allen Boileau

Pasco County David Allen Boileau

David Allen Boileau, 58, of Holiday, Florida was charged with burglary but may soon be facing separate state and federal hate crime charges based on an investigation by Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies.

Boileau moved into a Holiday neighborhood where an Iraqi family already lived, the sheriff said, and told deputies wearing body cameras that he did not like the family and they “shouldn’t be here because of their nation of origin.”

Boileau said that if he wasn’t able to force them out, “Trump will handle it.”

Locked up on the burglary charge, Boileau is being investigated by state and federal authorities for alleged hate crimes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Boileau Allegedly Broke Into the Family’s House, Went Through Their Mailbox & Threw Nails & Screws to Disable a Relatives’ Car

In a press conference posted to Facebook, Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said Boileau targeted an Iraqi-American family in the neighborhood in which he just moved with threats, an alleged burglary, throwing nails and screws in the road to flatten the tires of a car belonging to one of the family’s relatives and, for rifling through the family’s mailbox and looking at mail. The latter was witnessed by another neighbor who phoned the police.

Deputies said Boileau, when confronted by deputies, said he wanted the Middle Eastern family out, vowed to help achieve that adding that if he was ultimately unsuccessful in forcing them out, that Pres. Donald Trump would “handle it.”

Nocco said Boileau made statements to deputies, who the sheriff said were wearing body cameras, that “he doesn’t like them and wished they weren’t in this community, which is ironic because he’s the one who moved into our community. He explicitly made those statements that he did not want them here he was going to make it his point to get them out of our community.”

2. The Family Includes 4 Young Children & the Sheriff Said Protecting & Reassuring Them May Prevent ‘Radicalization’ Later

Nocco was frank and clear about the reasons his department asked the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office and the FBI Tampa field office to further investigate Boileau for alleged hate crimes.

Nocco said in addition to being “absolutely disgusting, horrific and heartbreaking,” the fact that the family includes four young children who by extension were also targeted, makes it all the more disturbing. Nocco said his department wants the children to know it’s there to protect them.

He said the ramifications of the hate and harassment down the road are “scary.”

“To us what’s most disturbing is when there are children involved,” he said. “We want to make sure these children know the sheriff’s office and the community is there for them. This should never happen.

We want to send a clear message to make sure they are protected.

“We want to make sure to get ahead of it. That family was living here peacefully. Those children should feel welcome in our community. They had every right to live in this community. (Boileau) came to their house and did these crimes. Those four young children …we cannot allow the mark of this crime to be on them forever. Because if you look historically and you look at the evidence it shows that when people don’t feel welcome, who should be here and they’re doing the right thing, there’s an opportunity for them to become radicalized later on. Those are the type of things we need to be ahead of the curve,” he said. “We have to make sure these young children recognize that the sheriff’s office and the community are not represented by this one individual.”

Court records show the victim has been able to obtain a restraining order against Boileau. The victims are named in the record, so will not be linked to.

3. Boileau is Being Held on a Felony Burglary Charge While the State Attorney & FBI Investigate Hate Crime Charges

The burglary occurred Tuesday, Jan. 22. But the alleged hate crimes being investigated began a day before.

Boileau had just moved into the house on Pinehurst Drive in Holiday. The family that he targeted had been living in the neighborhood for three years.

The sheriff said on Monday, Boileau threw nails and screws in the road to possibly puncture the tires of a relative of the family.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Boileau said, “The U.S. needs to rid the country of all of them. We’ll get rid of them one way or another.”

On Tuesday, a neighbor saw and then record Boileau yell through the windows of the family’s home, walk around back and then later, come out the front door. The neighbor told Boileau they were calling the police. Boileau was arrested and according to reports, admitted to deputies that he entered their house, through an unlocked door, and went through their mailbox and made the statements about hoping to get rid of the family. Nocco said it’s not known if he was armed during the alleged burglary but when arrested had a pocket knife and a lighter.

He’s locked up in the Pasco County jail on a felony charge of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling. His bond, according to online records, is $2500. It’s not clear if he is simultaneously being held while the state and the federal investigation is underway.

4. Boileau Has a Long Criminal Record

Boileau has an outstanding warrant for theft in Highlands County, Florida, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office confirmed, for petty theft. Few other details on that case have been made public. It’s reported that Highlands is deferring to Pasco currently and will not be looking to extradite Boileau as of yet.

Boileau has been arrested in Pinellas County, the next county over from Pasco, several times.

According to court and police records, charges and convictions there include disorderly conduct, careless driving, twice, driving under the influence, and violation of probation.

5. Boileau Complained Neighbors Called Police Because he Had a Fire in His Yard & Says He’s Tried to ‘Live off the Grid’

Boileau says on his Facebook page that he works in a factory making paint rollers. He’s posted a number of times on social media that he’s “living off the gird,” though it’s clear in photos he has very close neighbors and is, in fact, posting to social, rather than being “off the gird.” In one post, he complains that neighbors have called authorities on him for fires he burns in his backyard. Nearby houses can be seen in images.

“I’m starting the grill hoppe these bored Myers don’t fFUC* ing call again. Get a Fuckin* Life!!!!!”

Per his facebook, Boileau is originally from Wisconsin and lived in North Carolina in the 1980s. He moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1991, his Facebook shows.

He has not shared a lot of political posts on Facebook but did post an image of First Lady Melania Trump.

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