Morrisville Victims: 5 Decree & Campbell Family Members Killed in Bucks County

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Five members of one family, including children, were murdered in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. Their bodies lay in the apartment where they were slain for days.

The prosecutor says mother Shana Decree, 45, and her daughter Dominique Decree, 19, are responsible for the deaths of Decree’s daughter Naa’Irah Smith, 25, and son Damon Decree Jr, 13, both of Morrisville, Shana’s sister Jamilla Campbell, 42, of Trenton, and Campbell’s twin daughters – Decree’s nieces – Imani and Erika Allen, 9.

The mother and daughter claim that all members of the family, including the children, wanted to die and the carnage is a result of a suicide pact.

Facing five counts each of murder, both women are being held without bail.

Meanwhile, a large and extended family, friends and communities are grieving the unfathomable loss.

Here’s what you need to know:

Naa’Irah Smith, Decree’s Daughter, Was Engaged to be Married, According to her Facebook

And not unlike her sister, who is now being charged with her murder, Naa’Irah posted photos with her mother with the caption, “I Love Mom.” Every Mother’s Day for the last couple of years.

She goes by Naa’Irah Aaminah Smith on Facebook. She wrote that she was engaged. She has not posted on her Facebook page publicly anyway, since the summer. But she shared photos of her and her fiance, Timothy Carson.

Carson last posted a photograph with Naa’Irah on Feb. 1, at the beach, all smiles.

“I didn’t birth her but she’s my daughter! Truly heartbroken! I love you Naa!”

Jamilla Campbell & Her Twin Daughters Imani and Erika Were Killed

Jamilla Campbell’s son Jameer Campbell is grieving.

“I’m still at a loss of words but I will always remember and love you mom❤. I thought we had more time but it was interrupted. Rip Mom…I will always love you no matter how far apart we are.”

Jamilla’s godmother Nora said, “Today’s a sad day my goddaughter and my god-granddaughters passed away today. Jamilla Campbell, Imani and Erica Allen may you rest in peace. Gone but not forgotten. You have your wings my forever angels.”

Imani and Erika are reported to have attended Antheil Elementary School in Ewing Township, New Jersey. A school staff member posted the school community has rallied to do what it can.

She wrote that Erika and Imani “attended the school that I work at. I did not know them, but I am heartbroken by this senseless tragedy. The entire school, and district is coming together to support the students and each other.”

Jamilla’s friend Rachael Michelle posted, “Thank you everyone who reached out. It’s just really sad. I can’t even imagine. She was a great, kind-hearted woman. My heart is with her family and friends that are grieving.”

Damon Decree Jr.’s Death Has Left Heartbroken Family & Friends Asking Why

Damon goes by the nickname Deej on Facebook. He hasn’t posted there for some time and friends noted he used Snapchat, but what he did share were a few pictures of himself from three or four years ago, when he was in elementary school.

And images of his mother. His cover picture is of Shana Decree. He has photos of them together and the most recent of his posts is one showing his mom knitting him a blanket.

He appears devoted to her. Which for some may make this tragedy that much worse. Damon’s friend Hannah Fesko said she is heartbroken.

“That’s my best friend …,” she wrote.

The Borough of Morrisville school superintendent, without naming him, sent a letter home to families of the district’s middle school, which Damon attended, to offer condolences and support.

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Superintendent Jason B. Harris wrote, “It is with profound sadness that I wrote this letter to you …” He continues that it is “a time of great sorrow” for the whole community.