Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Rallies’ Crowd Size Photos & Videos

Bernie Sanders Concord NH rally

YouTube screenshot Bernie Sanders Concord NH rally

Bernie Sanders held two rallies in New Hampshire Sunday. In his first, in a Concord hotel conference center, he filled the venue to capacity. His Brooklyn rally last month drew nearly 15,000 and the Chicago rally brought more than 12,000 supporters out. In four Iowa rallies this past week and weekend, there was overflow seen at each location. And Iowa polls are showing former vice president Joe Biden and Sanders as leading the 2020 Dem pack.

The polls showed Sanders, 77, in the lead with voters under 45.

The noon Concord rally, held at the Courtyard Marriott Grappone Conference Center had people lining up hours before with frigid temperatures and snow falling. The venue has several rooms with each a 500-person capacity.

It’s not clear how many rooms were pressed into service for the Sanders event.

“Woke up this morning to white out snow conditions and icy roads, but the room is packed and pouring out into the hallway to see @BernieSanders in Concord.”

“Strong turnout for Bernie’s first rally in New Hampshire since announcing. White-out conditions on the road and a big snow storm this morning. But many undeterred. This band is warming up the crowd.”

The weather in Concord was not cooperating as heavy snow was falling and below freezing temperatures saw some roadways closed, according to reports, but based on what supporters shared on social media, many were undeterred.

“Bernie rally filling up in a blizzard.”

Sanders’ son Levi posted the crowd at the Concord rally was “tremendous.”

The Sanders rallies are posted to his YouTube and can be watched live or viewed after the fact here:

LIVE NOW: Bernie Sanders 2020 Chicago Launch RallySenator Bernie Sanders holds his second presidential rally in Chicago.2019-03-09T17:46:38.000Z

Sanders said the mission is to “…defeat Trump and to transform this country from the bottom on up.”

Early in the rally Sanders spoke about access to healthcare and said, “children can’t afford to go to the doctor” when CEO’s are making millions.

“We’re going to lower drug prices in this country,” he said

Sanders said employers like Wal-Mart and fast food restaurants, what he said are “low wage employers” must address raising pay to a “living wage of $15 an hour.”

“I am sick and tired of meeting workers trying to get by on 8, 9 10 bucks an hour nobody can do that. Start paying your employees a living wage,” he said to applause.

His remarks were also focused on climate change, wealth inequality, and issues of racial justice.

A “capacity” crowd embraced Sanders after the Concord rally.

Sunday’s mid-afternoon rally is being held in Keene at 3:30 at the Colonial Theatre, which has a seating capacity of 930.

But with severe weather, Sanders was asking people to stay safe and if unable to attend to consider watching the rally online.

But in Keene, the theater was packed.

Watch the rally live here:

Bernie Rallies Supporters in Keene, New HampshireBernie’s in Keene, New Hampshire to rally supporters and continue building the strongest grassroots movement in American history. Together, we will defeat Donald Trump and complete the political revolution we started.2019-03-10T21:42:38.000Z

On Reddit, one Sanders supporter posted an image that showed a long line outside the theater.

“Doors haven’t even opened yet, and there’s a heck of a line here in Keene, NH!”

This post will be updated with crowd size at both rallies and photos and videos from each.

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