Beto 2020: His Supporters Are Creating Memes About the Long Wait


Beto O’Rourke still hasn’t announced if he’s running for President in 2020. His supporters are really excited about the idea that he might run, but they’re getting desperate for an actual announcement. All the news seems to be pointing to the idea that he might run. But despite saying that he’d decide by the end of February, he hasn’t announced yet. And his followers are getting a little desperate for news. So they’ve turned to memes in the meantime.

Technically, Beto told Oprah that he would decide by the end of February. So it’s possible he’s decided but hasn’t announced yet.

But he did go to a Metallica concert. Some are joking that it was one of his last chances without Secret Service.

On Reddit, u/seagullsoars created this meme about why Beto’s waiting.

Or maybe he’s deciding which Whataburger he’ll announce at…

He’s certainly dropping a lot of hints. He posted a “10 Ideas for Immigration” update to his website. He also just emailed a five-point plan for criminal justice reform to his supporters. One person on Reddit wrote, “I swear if he decides not to run after all this I’m going to lose my mind.” 

But this video, created by u/betoforall and shared on Reddit, might be the best video created about the wait ever.

Some people are keeping a close eye on literally everything he and his campaign do.

And this.

But it’s been two days since their last tweet, and it looks like even Baeto O’Rourke is ready for the wait to be over.

And then there’s that blue button-down shirt he always wears. Will he wear it on the campaign trail too?

CNN has said that Beto has called for federal marijuana legalization “ahead of likely 2020 bid.” But still no solid news.

But despite all the hints that he could be running soon, the announcement has not yet happened.

Beto says he’s made a decision… He just hasn’t shared it yet.

And then there’s this…

By the way, if he does run, who do you think will play Beto on SNL? Some are saying Pete Davidson would be a good choice. Others think it will be a celebrity, maybe Matt Damon.

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