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Boris Kizenko, the high school junior who claims he was rejected from the National Honor Society because of his public support for President Donald Trump, was invited to attend a speech at the White House on March 21, 2019.

Kizenko, from Holmdel, New Jersey, expressed surprise when he received an invitation to hear President Trump in the Rose Garden.

The superintendent of Holmdel Township Schools has denied that political preferences play any role in deciding whether to admit any student to the National Honor Society.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Boris Kizenko Described the Invitation From the White House as an Honor & the President’s Planned Speech on Higher Education as Historic

Boris Kizenko said he found the invitation to the White House in his email spam folder. He was invited to attend President Trump’s speech in the Rose Garden on March 21, 2019. The president was expected to talk about proposed changes related to the Higher Education Act.

Kizenko shared a screen grab of the letter on Facebook on March 16. His caption read, “Today was the first day I ever checked my spam email and found this in there. After everything that has happened with the National Honors Society and my high school it is an honor to be joining the President this Thursday for this historic address. God willing I will be giving President Trump a “Make Holmdel Great Again” shirt as well. Shoutout to Hayden Williams, Joshua Aminov and all the other people facing discrimination for their beliefs in schools!” Kizenko also included a Frank Sinatra quote: “The best revenge is massive success.”

Kizenko has also explained that he made the “Make Holmdel Great Again” shirts for his re-election campaign for class president.

2. Kizenko Said School Officials Called Him a ‘Monarch’ & Sent His Parents a Letter After He Posted a Donald Trump Quote to the Class Instagram Account

HS Student Claims National Honor Society Rejected Him Over Trump SupportAs seen on "Fox & Friends" A high school student in New Jersey claims that he was rejected by the National Honor Society (NHS) because of his support for President Trump. MORE:

Boris Kizenko is a junior at Holmdel High School in New Jersey and serves as class president.

He explained in an interview on Fox News that as class president, he had access to a class Instagram account. Kizenko explained that he posted daily quotes which were meant to be inspirational. He said the quotes ranged from historical figures such as Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, musicians like Drake, and fictional characters like Yoda from Star Wars.

One day, he posted a quote from Donald Trump. Kizenko said the quote was, “If you’re going to think, you might as well think big.” The post was deleted from the school account but Kizenko shared it to his personal Facebook page as well.

Kizenko said that school officials called him a “monarch” after he posted the Trump quote, and said that he was not representing the ideals of the class.

3. Kizenko Claimed School Administrators Said He Had a Character Flaw Which Denied Him Entry to the National Honor Society; He Believes It Was Over His Support for President Trump

Boris Kizenko told Fox News that he had a high enough grade-point average to be accepted into the National Honor Society. He also said he had completed the required number of community service hours as well.

But the school administrators who decided which students would be accepted reportedly told him he had a “character flaw.” Kizenko said they told him he “didn’t meet their character and leadership standards.”

Kinzeko said in addition to the Instagram post with the Trump quote, he was under the impression the school officials may not have liked his “Make Holmdel Great Again” shirts either. He told Fox News that he believes the school is “against conservative students.”

Following the national network interview, Kizenko thanked Fox News with this statement on Facebook: “Thank you @PeteHegseth and Emily and Ed for letting me on FOX and Friends! I’m glad we had the opportunity to shed light on conservative discrimination against students in the public school system. Unfortunately, this is happening everywhere and if we don’t say anything the leftists will wash over all of us. It’s time to stand firm and say enough is enough.”

4. The Holmdel School District Has Rejected Kizenko’s Claim That He Was Turned Down From the National Honor Society Because of Politics

The Holmdel Township Public School District rejects Boris Kizenko’s claims that he was discriminated against based on his political affiliation or ideas.

The superintendent, Robert McGarry, told the Asbury Park Press that politics played no part in the decision to deny Kizenko membership in the National Honor Society. The brief statement read:

“I can confirm that political affiliation is not a consideration for National Honor Society acceptance and that no student would be denied admittance to NHS based on his/her political speech or political party affiliation.”

5. Boris Kizenko Attended CPAC & Said He Might Work for the Trump Campaign During His Summer Break

Boris Kizenko appears to have options for how he wants to spend his summer break before his senior year. He shared on Facebook that he had “job offers of working in DC or for the Trump campaign in NJ this summer.” He also recently had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference.

If Kizenko chooses to work for the Trump campaign, it appears he is already familiar with the Trump family. He posted the above photo with Donald Trump Jr. in December of 2018. He says they met at a student summit hosted by Turning Point USA in Florida.

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