College Cheating Scandal: Names of All Those Who Were Arrested


Getty Lori Loughlin has been indicted over the college scandal.

Some of the biggest celebrities on the planet have been caught up in a US college cheating scandal designed to fast-track students into prestigious colleges.

The big names involved in ruse include top US actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

Felicity Huffman is best-known for her role in Desperate Housewives and Loughlin has starred in hit TV shows including Full House.

Dozens of well-heeled parents, college coaches and school prep execs stand accused of carrying out a national conspiracy to get students into prestigious colleges, a court indictment claims.

The indictment revolves around William Rick Singer, the founder of a for-profit college counseling and preparation business known as “The Key.”

The program was allegedly designed to help students of the wealthy and powerful gain access to the best colleges in the US through a paid-for cheating scheme.

“Those arrested include two SAT/ACT administrators, one exam proctor, nine coaches at elite schools, one college administrator and 33 parents, according to Andrew Lelling, the US attorney for Massachusetts.

“This case is about the widening corruption of elite college admissions through the steady application of wealth combined with fraud,” he said.

“There can be no separate college admission system for the wealthy, and I’ll add that there will not be a separate criminal justice system either. For every student admitted through fraud, an honest genuinely talented student was rejected, ” he added.

Here is the full list of suspects indicted over the nationwide college scandal.

Gregory & Marcia Abbott: Gregory is the founder and chairman of a packaging company for the food and beverage industry, and the former chairman and CEO of a private-label clothing manufacturer.

Gamal Adbelaziz: He is a former executive of a resort and casino operator in Macau, China, and previously held other senior executive positions in the hotel and casino industries.

Diane & Todd Blake: Todd is an entrepreneur and investor. Diane is an executive at a retail merchandising firm

Jane Buckingham: Jane is chief executive officer (“CEO”) of a boutique marketing company based in Los Angeles.

Gordon Caplan: Gordon is an attorney and the co-chairman of an international law firm
based in New York.

I-hsin “Joey” Chen: I-hsin operates a Torrance, California-based provider of warehousing and related services for the shipping industry.

Gregory & Amy Colburn: They are a married couple. Gregory Colburn is a physician.

Robert Flaxman: Robert is the president and CEO of a Los Angeles-based real estate development firm.

Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannuli: Lori is a TV actress and Mossimo is a fashion designer.

Manuel & Elizabeth Henriquez: They are a married couple. Manuel is the founder, chairman, and CEO of a publicly traded specialty finance company based in Palo Alto, California.

Douglas Hodge: Douglas is the former CEO of a large investment management company based in Newport Beach, California.

Felicity Huffman: Felicity is a famous TV actress.

Agustin Huneeus: Agustin is an owner of vineyards in Napa, California and elsewhere.

Bruce & Davina Isackson: They are a married couple. Bruce is president of a real estate development firm in Woodside, California.

Michelle Janavs: Michelle is a former executive at a large food manufacturer formerly owned by members of her family.

Elisabeth Kimmel: Elisabeth is the owner and president of a media company.

Marjorie Klapper: Marjorie co-owns a jewelry business.

Toby MacFarlane: Toby was a senior executive at a title insurance company.

William McGlashan: William is a senior executive at a global private equity firm.

Marci Palatella: Marci is the CEO of a liquor distribution company in Burlingame, California.

Peter Jan Sartorio: Peter is a packaged food entrepreneur.

Stephen Semprevivo: Stephen is an executive at a privately held provider of outsourced sales teams, based in Agoura Hills, California.

Devin Sloane: Devin is the founder and CEO a Los Angeles-based provider of drinking water and wastewater systems, among other businesses.

John Wilson: John is the founder and CEO of a private equity and real estate development firm

Homayoun Zadeh: Homayoun is an associate professor of dentistry.

Robert Zangrillo: Robert is the founder and CEO of a Miami-based private investment firm focused on venture capital and real estate investments.

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