WATCH: Cops Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Katherine ‘Kat’ Brazeau [Graphic Video]

Officer-Involved Shooting of Katherine Brazeau, May 31, 2018, Fullerton Police DepartmentInvestigation Letter:

Katherine ‘Kat’ Brazeau was seriously mentally ill. But after her longtime therapist stopped seeing her, Brazeau began a campaign of harassment which culminated in her announcing her intent to kill the woman during a knife attack.

The therapist (who has requested that her privacy be respected and as a crime victim, Heavy will respect that request) can be heard on a 911 call screaming hysterically that she was being stabbed.

“Give me the fucking phone,” Brazeau can be heard commanding, “Because you don’t need it anymore because you’re gonna be fucking dead.”

Police were summoned and found Brazeau standing over the woman with the knife pointed down toward her refuses commands to drop the weapon, shouts, “Just fucking shoot me!” and then, proceeds to aim and thrust the knife near the victim, whose on the floor just inches away.

Police fired and she was killed

The disturbing and frightening graphic video is an amalgam of building surveillance video, 911 audio and the bodycam worn by the two responding officers, Sgt. Perry Thayer and Corporal Steven Bailor of the Fullerton Police Department.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s office has been investigating since the incident on May 31, 2018, and released the video Feb. 28, 2019, with a pages-long detailed report that clears Thayer and Baylor, finding the shooting of Brazeau justified.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. With Traumatic Brain Injury, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD & Bipolar, She Was Treated by the Therapist for 3 Years Until ‘Self-Destructive Decisions’ Ended That. Brazeau Threatened to Harm Herself & the Therapist

From 2015 through early 2018, the mental health care provider had been treating Brazeau for “various illnesses including traumatic brain injury, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder but in February 2018 decided she could no longer treat Brazeau citing “’self-destructive decisions’” that Brazeau engaged in and Brazeau not utilizing the tools Therapist Doe was providing her.”

She gave Brazeau a 30-day notice and Brazeau was angry and said she knew where the therapist lived and threatened to harm her and herself if the therapist stopped seeing her. For weeks a campaign of harassment led to the therapist getting a temporary restraining order against Brazeau. But Brazeau continued contact and repeatedly violated the TRO with threats via email, text and in person. The therapist got a permanent restraining order and local police contacted Brazeau to explain that she must comply.

That was May 30, 2018.

2. On May 31, 2018, Brazeau, Armed with a Hunting Knife, Followed Her Former Therapist into Her Office, Barricaded the Door & Stabbed Her

The next day, the therapist arrived at her office at 7:30 a.m. for a client appointment. Brazeau, who had apparently either been waiting or had followed the professional there, is seen on surveillance video arriving just moments later.

Brazeau walked into the office building, past the reception area, and into the therapist’s office doorway with the knife in her right hand; the woman grabbed her phone and yelled for Brazeau to leave but she did not, rather she locked the door and lunged at the terrified woman with the knife and stabbed her in the back “near her spine.”

Meanwhile, the patent the therapist was supposed to be seeing arrived and heard yelling when Brazeau opened the door and lunged at the other patient with the knife ordering her to leave. That person called 911. Brazeau returned her attention to her former clinician and “began destroying” the office and moved furniture in front of the door as a barricade. The 911 call was open and dispatchers could hear what was going on as the professional screamed she’d been stabbed and gave the address as she repeatedly begged Brazeau to put down the knife.

Several Fullerton Police officers responded but Thayer and Bailor were the first to arrive. The video shows them running toward the office as Thayer sees the terrified client outside; she pointed cops toward the office. They could hear yelling and responded by ordering everyone who was inside of the office to make themselves known. Brazeau can be head from behind the door yell, “Fuck you!” Inside the locked office, screams and shouts can be heard with the therapist pleading for her life.

The door was locked so they tried kicking it in but the barricade Brazeau had made was efficient; it took several tries and even then only the top half of the door broke away but enough for the officers to see what was happening.

3. Brazeau Standing Over the Therapist With the Knife Brazeau Shouted to Cops: ‘Fucking Shoot Me, Shoot Me!’

Brazeau was standing over the woman aiming the “large, silver hunting knife” pointed down and at the woman, inches away, on her back against a piece of furniture, screaming in terror, kicking her legs at Brazeau attempting
to get Brazeau away from her.

Through the opening, Thayer and Bailor pointed their guns at Brazeau and repeatedly commanded her to “put the knife down.”

She refused and “moved the knife closer” to the woman and yelled, “Fucking shoot me, shoot me!”

They did not at that moment shoot but continued commands for Brazeau to drop the knife. She refused.

Then, as can be seen on the body-worn cameras, she raised the knife above her head and plunged it in a downward, stabbing motion toward the therapist’s torso and as she swung, they both fired and stopped when they saw her fall.

They and other arriving cops broke the door down and rescued the terrified, traumatized and injured therapist.

4. Reports Show 11 Shots Were Fired & 7 Struck Brazeau Who Had Both Several Mental Health Disorders & a Criminal History in California Beginning in 1991

According to the reports, Brazeau sustained seven gunshot wounds; two to her face and the rest struck her chest, shoulder, and back. The medical examiner concluded “Brazeau died as a result of the multiple gunshot wounds,” to state the obvious.

The DA said Brazeau had a criminal history in California that dated back to 1991. She has previously been arrested for battery, trespassing and a hit-and-run.

According to the report, Brazeau was being treated for and had been hospitalized for disorders including bipolar, PTSD and borderline personality disorder. The toxicology results showed she had benzodiazepine Klonopin, anti-psychotic Seroquel, an anti-depressant, and cocaine and marijuana in her blood.

5. Brazeau’s Facebook Page Has Not Been Removed & Shows That She Was a Mother & Some Benign & Some Disturbing Posts

In images from 2009, Brazeau can be seen caring for her two children; one a pre-schooler and the other a baby. Numerous warm and touching images appear to show normalcy. But are among the last photos of her with her children.

An album from a 2009 fishing trip to New Mexico shows her with a boy, perhaps her son, who appears to be around 9 or 10. Save one picture from 2016 of an elementary school-aged girl, no other images of her and her children or the man also with the kids from 2009, who may be the children’s’ father, are seen again. Other than that, she’s alone or the images are shares of some uplifting, some ominous, or prescient, quotes and memes.

This image is from around a year before the incident while being treated by the therapist she tried to kill.

Through a cursory search online, an obituary for Brazeau was not immediately located.