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Eric Johnson and Dan Watson are two JetBlue Airways pilots accused in a federal lawsuit of drugging two crew members, raping one and giving her an STD.

A lawsuit claims that Eric Johnson and Dan Watson both drugged the women, referred to as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, after offering them a beer on the beach. One woman claims that she was later raped and given an STD by Johnson while the other claims that Watson only decided not to attack her after she began to vomit, the women’s lawyers wrote in the lawsuit.

The women say they reported the rape to JetBlue but that no action was ever taken against the pilots, according to court documents.

“What happened to my clients is truly horrific, and Jet Blue’s failure to take appropriate action is appalling,” said the women’s lawyer, Abraham Melamed to the NY Post.

The alleged sexual assault, rape and sex and gender discrimination was reported to JetBlue in New York. 

JetBlue said in a statement that the company could not comment on pending litigation, but “JetBlue takes allegations of violent or inappropriate behavior very seriously and investigates such claims thoroughly. We work to create a respectful workplace for all our crew members where they feel welcome and safe.”

Here’s what you need to know about Eric Johnson & Dan Watson and the accusations against them:

1. The Men Met the Women During a Layover

The suit alleges that the two women, Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, along with another crew member arrived for a layover in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While there they checked-in at a hotel before heading to the beach for relaxation.

They arrived at the beach, found some chairs and set up camp, where they ‘schmoozed’, according to the legal document. The three crew members noticed the defendants, Johnson and Watson, sitting nearby and the group began chatting with each other.

It was then that Johnson is alleged to have handed an open beer from his lunch box to Jane Doe 1 who then passed the beverage to the other two women. All of the crew members drank some of the beer and the suit states that the rest of the night from them was ‘a blur’.

Johnson and Watson are both pilots based in Washington D.C. Other details about them were not included in the lawsuit, including their ages and how long they have worked at JetBlue. They could not be reached for comment and it is not clear if they have hired attorneys who could comment on their behalf.

2. Johnson Said the Incident Was a ‘Fantasy,’ According to the Lawsuit

One of women states that her next memory was being raped by Johnson while unable to react due to the influence of the drug. She also claims that Johnson had sexual intercourse with another crew member, who was also under the influence of the drug, in the same bed.

The suit states that Johnson said “Thank you for making my fantasy come true,”. following the alleged ordeal.

3. Johnson Is Accused of Giving ‘Jane Doe 1’ HPV

After the alleged incident, Jane Doe 1 is said to have developed a ‘tremendous fear’ that she might have developed an STD.

The woman in the lawsuit claims that she had previously been certified as STD-free and emailed Johnson to ask if he was carrying any STDs. He replied saying that he would get tested.

Although the woman was given anti-STD drugs by doctors after reporting the alleged assault, she later found that she had contracted the HPV virus.

4.  Watson Left the Scene with Scratch Marks, the Women Say

The second plaintiff stated in the lawsuit that the next thing she remembers after the beach is being in an elevator with the two defendants. She recalls Johnson telling Watson: “We’ll take [Doe 2] up to her floor first.” 

From this point onwards she claims to remember little of the night except for the fact that she vomited a number of times before morning.

The lawsuit states that Watson did not rape the woman because her vomiting was a ‘turn-off’.

It is also alleged that he left the scene ‘after having been scratched’.

5. All of the Women Reported Unusual after-Effects

The following day after the incident, the women met to discuss what happened and ‘piece together’ the events of the evening before.

In the suit, all of the crew members said that they were suffering from nausea, dizziness, loss of memory, grogginess, vomiting, numbness and other symptoms, which they found were consistent with rape drugs. They also “expressed to each other that they were stunned by what had happened.”

All of the crew members said that the after effects that they felt were different from the effects that they had previously felt after drinking alcohol. All of the women claim that they began to feel the effects after taking drinking from the beer can.

Describing the symptoms, the lawsuit states, “The next morning, around May 10, 2018, Plaintiff DOE # 2 woke up extremely nauseous, tired, and in a weird out of body fog. Plaintiff DOE # 2 worked the return flight but was extremely nauseous and threw up twice in the airplane bathroom and once in a bag in the back galley, as both bathrooms were occupied. The sleepiness was something Plaintiff never felt in her life. When Plaintiff arrived at her hotel in Newark, New Jersey, she fell right back asleep for quite some time. When she awoke, she was still extremely nauseous, tired and in a fog, feeling the effects of the drugs.”

You can read the full lawsuit below:

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