Sheldon Adelson Health: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation Sheldon Adelson (R) and wife Miriam Adelson

Getty Sheldon Adelson, pictured with his wife Miriam, is suffering from cancer.

Casino boss Sheldon Adelson is in ‘dire’ health as it has emerged that the high-profile Republican party donor has been battling cancer since last year.

Adelson, 85, the founder and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp casino chain has not been seen at work since December, according to reports by the Associated Press.

The vocal supporter of President Donald Trump was also unable to take part in a call with analysts and investors to discuss his company’s earnings report in January.

The news of Adelson’s poor health emerged in midst of a legal battle with Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen.


The Nevada Independent reported that Adelson’s Attorney James Jimmerson told the court “of the dire nature of Mr. Adelson’s condition, health,” when discussing whether Adelson could testify in the case.

This was followed by a statement told to the Associated Press by Las Vegas Corp. company spokesman Ron Reese on Thursday in which this confirmed that Adelson was suffering from cancer.

“Mr. Adelson is still dealing with certain side effects from medication he is taking for the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” he said.

“These side effects have restricted his availability to travel or keep regular office hours,” he added.

Here’s what you need to know about Sheldon Adelson.

1.  The Son of a Cab Driver, Adelson Launched His First Business Aged 12.

Sheldon Adelson With His Wife, Miriam At Donald Trump's Inauguration Ceremony

Sheldon Adelson With His Wife, Miriam At Donald Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony. Getty.

From humble beginnings, Adelson was born in the working class neighborhood of Dorchester in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1933. His Dad worked as a cab driver and sold advertisements, while his Mother opened a small knitting store in the area. The casino magnate found his first gainful employment by selling newspapers.

However, his business brain was already on show by the age of 12, when he began selling toiletries. He attended City College of New York, where he majored in corporate finance, but dropped out before completing the course. He joined the U.S. Army where he worked as a court stenographer on Wall Street, New York.

Following stints as a mortgage broker and financial advisor, Adelson had his first major business success in the 1960s when he invested in The American International Travel Service, which was very profitable. He dabbled in other businesses throughout the 1970s before finally striking gold when he created the created the Computer Dealers Expo, or COMDEX in 1979.

2.  He Has Since Made Billions of Dollars as a Casino Magnate.

Sheldon Adelson Miriam Adelson Republican Party

GettySheldon Adelson made billions as a casino boss

But Adelson didn’t stop there, at age 55, he purchased the Sands Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip for $128 million. It would prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment for Adelson who at the time was already extremely wealthy.

He is currently CEO and Chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and currently owns around half of the $13 billion gambling firm. He is thought to have a net worth of around $36.2 billion and was featured at no.15 on the Forbes 400 list in 2018.

3. He Donated  $82m to The Republican Party During The 2016 Elections.

Sheldon Adelson

GettySheldon Adelson is a high-profile Republican Party donor

Adelson has been a long-term donor to the Republican Party. In recent years he donated $82 million to Republican campaigns during the 2016 presidential race. This amount is thought to be three times more than the next biggest donor, according to Open Secrets.

He was also listed as a member of a ‘shadow National Security council’, which met with National Security Advisor John Bolton to advise and discuss matters of security importance with Trump’s top security chief.

Adelson is a passionate supporter of Israel. According to The Times of IsraelAdelson has previously funded the development of a medical school in the West Bank settlement of Ariel. He is also a strong ally of current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Adelson is a frequent donor to Israeli causes publishes the free Israel Hayom daily.

4.  His Wife Miriam Was Awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Dr Miriam Adelson Receives The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

GettyDr Miriam Adelson Receives The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

In November 2018, Adelson’s wife Miriam was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At the time Trump praised Dr. Adelson as a “committed doctor, philanthropist, and humanitarian.”

In February 2019, The Washington Post reported that Dr. Adelson and her husband donated $250,000 each to help pay the legal expenses of Trump aides caught up in the Mueller investigation. The payments are thought to have been made in early October 2018.

Dr. Adelson was granted the presidential honor around a month later.

5. He is Involved in a Legal Battle With Hong Kong Businessman Richard Suen

Sheldon Adelson Donald Trump Swearing In

GettySheldon Adelson is currently involved in a lengthy legal battle

Sheldon Adelson’s health issues were raised during a legal battle between Las Vegas Sands Corp and Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen and his company, Round Square Co. Adelson previously testified in 2013 and 2008 in the case’s two previous trials.

Suen claims that he is entitled to compensation as he helped Adelson to secure business in the Chinese enclave of Macau.  However,  the company claims that he didn’t secure permissions to build casinos there and as such, is not entitled to payment.

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