WATCH: Texan Hauls Saddled Horse in Pick-Up Truck on a Highway [Video]

Ami Parbs from Lufkin, Texas was driving with her kids to gymnastics practice Saturday when they spotted something she’d later say could only be seen in Texas: a man driving a regular pick-up truck, not a trailer, with a saddled horse standing in the truck bed. On a highway. Just driving along.

Parbs had her son record what they witnessed and she later posted it to Facebook.

ami parbs

Facebook/Ami ParbsHorse in pickup seen in Texas.

KHOU in Houston picked it up, shared it to Facebook and within a couple of hours, more than 50,000 people had seen the video with hundreds commenting. Some found it amusing, clever even. Some point out that it’s rodeo season and it’s one way to quickly transport a horse. But most find it to be no laughing matter.

“No. Absolutely no.”

Plus, it’s illegal not to mention potentially dangerous for the horse and for nearby drivers heaven forbid the worst.

Parbs said she saw the driver on a highway leading to Corrigan, Texas.

ami parbs

Horse in pickup truck on Texas highway.

But wherever the final destination was, the driver and horse did not make it. The truck pulled into a Whataburger and there was photographed with a Texas highway patrol officer questioning him.

“He didn’t make it home.”

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