Heaven Conner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stafford County Sheriff\'s Office Heaven Connor

Heaven Conner is the 23 year old Virginia woman who was arrested and charged with breaking in to a daycare facility — while she was stark naked. On the morning of April 4, an employee at the Kids on the Move Learning Center got to work and started turning on the lights, only to find a naked woman in one of the center’s classrooms. She said she’d never seen the woman before. Authorities arrested Conner and charged her with indecent exposure and with unauthorized entry. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Conner Told Officers She Was the Daycare Owner’s Wife When They Arrested Her

Heaven Conner

A daycare center employee spotted Conner on Thursday morning, when she came in to work and started turning on lights in the classrooms. That’s when she noticed that there was a naked woman in one of the classrooms. The employee called the sheriff’s office, and several officers were sent to the scene. When they arrived, they found Conner dressed all in black and holding one fork in each hand. They spoke to the daycare center employees and took Conner into custody.

After being arrested, Conner told Sergeant Aubrey that he was making a mistake, because — she said — she was the daycare owner’s wife. But employees at the center said that this was not true and that they had never seen Conner before.

2. Conner Threatened to Fire the Employee Who Found Her Naked

Conner had a quick response to being found naked in a classroom of a daycare center in Stafford, Virginia: she threatened to fire the woman who found her. When an employee walked into the classroom and turned on the light, exposing her, Conner told the woman that she was fired from her job. Conner also told the sergeant who arrested her that she was married to the owner of the daycare center.

Employees at the daycare center said they’d never seen Conner before. The sheriff’s office later said that Conner didn’t have any connection to the daycare center.

3. One Day After Being Found Naked in the Daycare Center, Conner Allegedly Yanked Down a Man’s Pants in a Public Bathroom

Conner was found in the Stafford, Virginia daycare center on the morning of Thursday, April 4. She was booked and then released on bail. But the very next day, Conner was arrested again — this time for allegedly pulling down a man’s pants while he was in a public bathroom.

Police say Conner was in the bathroom of a Wawa on Frederick, Virginia on Friday evening, just past 5PM. They say that she reached out from underneath the stall she was in and grabbed a man’s pants, yanking them down and managing to pull them off. The man left and called the police, who came to the scene and arrested Conner.

4. Conner Was Spotted Walking Down the Road in the Middle of Thursday Night & Said She’d Just Come from the Jail

Conner was arrested at a little after 5AM on the morning of April 4. But before that, she’d already been spotted and identified as a suspicious person. Some hours before her arrest, Conner was spotted walking down Route 1. She told the sergeant who stopped to talk to her that she was just coming from Rappahannock Regional Jail. The sergeant reported her as a suspicious person. She was not arrested or charged at the time. But when officers came to the day care center, the recognized her from the earlier incident that day.

5. Conner Said She Was Being Held in Jail on a Domestic Violence Charge

Conner first came to the attention of the Stafford County authorities in the early morning hours of April 4. That’s when a sergeant spotted her walking down Route 1. He reported her as a suspicious person. Later, Conner said that she’d just been released from Rappahannock Regional Jail after a domestic assault incident.

Later in the same morning, an employee at the Kids on the Move Learning Center found Conner naked and alone in a classroom at the daycare facility. Conner threatened to fire the employee. After police came to arrest her, Conner tried to convince the sergeant that she was married to the owner of the daycare facility. The sheriff’s office later said that Conner had no connection to the daycare center at all.