Mally Mall Ex-Girlfriend & Dating History: 5 Fast Facts to Know

Mally Mall’s ex-girlfriend is Nikki Mudarris. He has also been connected in the past with Shauna Brooks, Malaysia Pargo, and Blac Chyna in the last few years.

Recently, Mall has been accused of running a sex and human trafficking ring out of Las Vegas; a civil lawsuit was filed against him by three Nevada prostitutes, according to TMZ, whose names have been kept anonymous. Mall’s lawyer told TMZ, “This is simply a nonsense lawsuit, and as such, the allegations against Mally Mall are not deserving of further comment.”

Here’s what you need to know about Mall’s former girlfriend and dating history:

1. Mall & Nikki Mudaris Had an On-Again, Off-Again Romantic Relationship That Turned Volatile at Points

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood | Nikki Addresses Her Sex Tape w/ Mally Mall | VH1Nikki explains the embarrassment she felt when her sex tape with Mally Mall was leaked. Subscribe to VH1: Shows + Pop Culture + Music + Celebrity. VH1: We complete you. Connect with VH1 Online VH1 Official Site: Follow @VH1 on Twitter: Find VH1 on Facebook: Find VH1 on Tumblr :…2015-11-23T13:00:01.000Z

Love and Hip Hop stars Mall & Nikki Mudarris had a volatile on and off relationship in the last few years, one that included a leaked sex tape in 2015. To VH1, Mudarris acknowledged the experience, saying in part,

“As far as the sex tape and me, that was an intimate moment I did have with my boyfriend at the time, so you know, I don’t think the world was shocked…[but] it was definitely embarrassing, as I wasn’t expecting that to be put out, and it’s not in my possession. I don’t know if he lost his phone, I don’t know if somebody took it from me…but when some people really love each other they go to extremes and then they really end up hating each other, and it’s to the point where we’re better as friends. Because you know, it was a lot of toxic in the relationship and it was to the point we made each other miserable.”

In October 2015, Mudarris filed a restraining order against Mall, accusing him of leaking her sex tape, threatening to blackmail her, hitting her, and destroying her property, per TMZ. A judge granted the restraining order.

On October 7, Mally Mall gave an interview to TMZ (seen in the video above), saying, “Right now, I’m just choosing to go in my own direction, do own thing…I wish her the best, you know what I’m saying?”

2. Following His Breakup With Mudaris, Mall Was Seen With Malaysia Pargo in 2015

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After his breakup with Mudarris, Mall was seen in Las Vegas with Malaysia Pargo in 2015. Pargo is known for her role in Basketball Wives. She was previously married to Janero Pargo. From that relationship, she has one son, Janero Pargo Jr.

3. Mall Was Seen Leaving a Strip Club With Blac Chyna in 2017

Mally Mall: I Can See Tyga & Blac Chyna Getting Married (2013) – In this throwback clip, current Love & Hip-Hop star Mally Mal sat down with VladTV and revealed just how close he is to fellow Cali rapper Tyga, saying he's like a little brother to him, and he almost became Tyga's son's godfather. Mally says he also got close to Blac Chyna when Tyga…2014-10-16T18:33:06.000Z

Mall has also been connected with Black Chyna. In August 2017, dating rumors circulated around the two hip hop stars, after they were photographed leaving the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Las Vegas.

4. Mall Has Also Been Connected With Transgender Model Shauna Brooks in the Past

In 2015, Mall was associated with model Shauna Brooks after she blasted him on Instagram, posting apparent screenshots from DMs with him as well as FaceTime calls. This took place while Mall was apparently still with Mudarris, though Mall and Mudarris have yet to acknowledge the situation publicly.

Brooks has 205,000 followers on Instagram. Her bio reads,

“??Seen on
E!: Botched
IDtv: Indecent Proposal
TVOne: HereWeGoAgain
Agent: @TrueTalentCasting”

Brooks frequently acknowledges her sex change, often humorously. On April Fool’s day this year, she announced (jokingly) that she was returning to being a man. She wrote, “I just can’t *Peels Wig off & POPS off ACRYLIC NAILS* Tag A Good Doctor ??‍⚕️ to help take these Implants out please & thanks in advance”

5. Mall Has Maintained That the Allegations Against Him Are an Extortion Effort

Mally Mall Arrested After Raid for Human Trafficking & Exotic Animals | TMZCapt. Patrick Foy of CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife tells TMZ they've seized a Cotton-top Tamarin monkey from Mally's home. He says their investigation began 8-9 months ago when they started getting tips about photos of Mally with the monkey. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories…2019-04-03T18:43:57.000Z

Mall has maintained that the recent allegations against him are an extortion attempt.

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