Thousands Protest Across the Nation, Demanding Full Release of the Mueller Report [CROWD PHOTOS]

Release the Report Mueller Protests and Crowd SIze

Map: Getty Release the Report Mueller protests

Thousands gathered in hundreds of rallies across the nation, protesting to demand the full release of the Mueller report. The protests were organized in party by and Rise and Resist. The protests included a rally at the White House and more than 300 other protests around the nation. The protests happened after Attorney General William Barr released a four-page summary of the report. The summary indicated that Mueller found no collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. Meanwhile, some members of Mueller’s investigatory team have said that evidence indicating Trump might have sought to impede the investigation was stronger than Barr indicated, NBC News reported. But until Mueller’s report is released, it won’t be known just how accurate the summary was. So thousands gathered, demanding the release of the full report. Here are crowd size photos and details about how many took part in the demonstrations today.

Hundreds Attended a Protest at the White House

Reports indicate that “hundreds” attended a #ReleasetheReport protest at the White House.

Here’s a crowd size photo:

And a video panning the crowd is below:

The crowd looks pretty large in this video:

Paulina Leonovich, who describes herself on Twitter as a field journalist, said the attendance was in the hundreds.

Here’s another look at the crowd in DC:

William Barr said in a letter on Friday that he planned to release the report to Congress sometime in mid-April, but it will have redactions. He said the report might be released sooner than that. Meanwhile, the House Judiciary Committee authorized a subpoena for the full, unredacted report.

GettyPeople attend a demonstration near the White House.

Today, Sen. Rand Paul blocked a resolution calling for the report’s release to be made public after it cleared the house 420-0, The Hill reported. But Paul didn’t object to the report being made public. He objected to additional findings related to the report not also being made public. Paul wanted Sen. Mark Warner to amend the resolution and also demand the release of information related to the opposition research dossier that was compiled against Trump. The report was the basis for the beginning of the investigation, Paul said, and he wanted full transparency for that report too.

GettyPeople attend a demonstration near the White House.

Mueller Protests in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago also saw a significant-sized crowd at the Federal Plaza.

Mueller Report Protests in Texas

Here’s a group gathered at Houston City Hall:

Waco was represented today too.

#ReleasetheReport Protest in North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina had a sound system set up, musical guests, and speakers.

Here are more photos from Raleigh:

And here’s a photo of a protest in Asheville:

Minnesota Mueller Report Protests

Protesters in the Twin Cities gathered today too.

Here’s another view from Minnesota.

And a video:

One participant said the attendance numbered more than 200:

New York #ReleasetheReport Protests

In Uthica, New York, 60 people gathered:

One of the largest protests happened in New York City in Times Square, where thousands showed up.

The Times Square group was huge, as you can see in this photo below.

The Times Square event was called March for Truth. It met in Times Square and was followed by a march through Madison Square Park, Gothamist reported.


Plattsburgh, New York was also represented today:

Florida Mueller Protests

In St. Petersburg, about 1,000 people showed up downtown.

An eye-catching display was seen in downtown Miami.

And here’s Fort Lauderdale:

Meanwhile in Tallahassee:

Georgia Mueller Protests

This video gives an idea of the crowd size in Georgia:

#ReleasetheReport in Vermont

Vermont represented too, despite the cold.

Philadelphia Protests

A protest in Philadelphia took place at Thomas Paine Plaza.

South Carolina’s Mueller Protests

In South Carolina, Beaufort and Lowcountry Indivisible protested outside Congressman Joe Cunningham’s office.

Here’s the crowd in Columbia:

New Hampshire’s #ReleasetheReport Protests

More than 60 showed up, lining the edge of the Waltham Common in New Hampshire.

A total of 328 events took place today, shared.

Mueller Protests Today

MoveOn.orgMueller Protests Today

If you would like to send a message to the Department of Justice asking for the report to be released (including to Barr), you can fill out a letter here.